help - soda & lime!


can do it this time!
was at a birthday party last night and drank a soda & lime (sin of sins!!!).

To put it in context I asked for a soda water but was served a soda & lime by a young member of the family with special needs - no way was I going to embarrass them or upset them and not drink it when they were watching & looking for your approval.

Drank soda water for the rest of the night but wonder if this is going to affect my ketosis? Anyone been there done that? Any advice - should I go back to 4 packs a day instead of a bar & 3 packs for a few days etc? Will try and drink even more water over next few days to flush out system. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Laughing out loud at thought of drinking soda & lime being a crime in non LL mode!!!!

thanks for your thoughts!:jelous:
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It may not have knocked you out of ketosis, so I wouldn't worry too much. Stick with what you're doing, have your water and I'm sure you'll be fine :)


i'm sure D-Q is right.was a slice of lime or lime-cordial?
I got some ketostix from my CDC last time & They're brill.If I start to doubt -then i go & wee on a stick & it goes dusky pnk & Im reassured & remotivated at the same time.
Also I can't really see the one drink maing much impression on a well established ketosis.
What you should probably be doing today is congratulating yourslf on both sticking to you diet &not offending anyone at the same time.sO THERE.


can do it this time!
thank you both - I just love this site, so many things make you feel better instantly.

Lime cordial - this was prob worse! Away to boil the kettle again! I find drinking hot water (not scalding water) really easy when at home at weekends.

class / weigh in tomorrow night, so will keep you posted! thanks again Jane & DQ.:)


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Hi Sal

Even if it has knocked you out of ketosis, you will be back in within a few days, although i doubt it has. You obviously feel alot for the person not to upset them so even if it has put you back, at most this will be a few pounds til your back in ketosis so what does it matter in the grand scheme of things?
lol at lime and soda sin
Hope you enjoyed the rest of the party
Good luck at weigh in
Christina x