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Help! Struggling to get back on plan

Hi everyone,
I need your help, words of wisdom, advice, encouragement, anything to help me get back on track.
I've been having a mixture of shakes/meals over the last month and have put on 3lbs. which considering what i have eaten, i am surprised its not more! However i still have 2 stone i want to shift, and although i make it to say around 5pm without food, by the time i get home or back from the gym i dying to eat something and either then end up binging or just picking at something. As a result i am maintaing the weight i am at to a point. I've lost that mojo that made me stick to liquids 100% for 4 months in the first place and cant seem to get my head back in the game. Has anyone else taken a break and managed to get back into it? I know once i have that first all shake day i'll be back on it, its just getting there!

Thanks in advance - i know what i need to do, it just really helps hearing it from other people too! xxx
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Hi cornish pixie you have done so well so far i,m sure you will sort yourself out we all have little disasters alone the way try not to be to hard on yourself


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Hi CornishPixie,

Maybe try having a hard bolied egg or two, some tuna or scrambled egg after the gym. They are virtually carb free and may help satisfy your cravings whilst also providing much needed protein for your muscles.

You can do this, you know it, you just needed reminding that's all ;)
thanks guys. Everyday is always that "new day"...just really need to get on with it and get it done. I didnt think it would be this hard to get back into something i did months on end, day after day! If i knew it was this hard, i wouldnt have stopped - it was just for medical reasons that i had to move onto include food, but now i feel fine and want to get back on the all liquids! Your encouragement is really appreciated! xx
Cornish... i have had a SHOCKING 2 weeks. I kept slipping up and luckily managed to still lose a small bit of weight. But since Monday I have been really tough on myself and apart from a Babybel last night have been 100% TS. So you can pull your game up. Just keep telling yourself that losing that weight is more important than stuffing food in your mouth.

That's what I'm doing!!!
Good luck x
Princess you are so right. Just need to stop pratting about and get it done. Today wasn't food free but it was carb free. I've had two shakes and some chicken with salad. I think as I have had carbs weaning off this way won't be so awful! Tomorrow three shakes and no food and most importantly no crappy processed carbs! Need to remember my body is a temple!

Glad it's working for you too following your blip xx

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