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HELP - Tummy Tuck Consultation

Can someone give me some advice I have my Tummy Tuck consultation this afternoon and I am really nervous! I have got myself in such a state that I do not know what to ask or what questions I should be asking. The way I am at the minute I am going to walk into the room and bust into tears. My Doctor has put me through on the NHS and the thought that they may turn around and say I do not qualify for some reason is scaring me to death as I cannot afford to have it done privately. Has anyone got any advice?:cry:
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Hi Abbey

Im so sorry nobody replied to you sooner, normally there are loads of people about to give great advice!

I had a tummy tuck 5 years ago (had to pay for it though) and although i wasnt nervous one bit the consultant was lovely, you can imagine the state some people must be in when they finally get to meet their consultant, for many people this is the final chapter of a long emotional journey and its only natural that you feel so strongly about it. Im sure your consultant has had many a tearful patient who is desperate to have this procedure, so try not to worry too much. Just see it as a chance for you to convince your consultant that having a tummy tuck is in your best interests both medically and emotionally.
I really wish you the best of luck and if you need any advice or have any more questions then let me know.
There are some really good websites that will help you out with questions you should ask, also the consultant will have lots of leaflets etc which should help you out.

Carrie xx
My GP has put me forward for an NHS procedure. I see the consultant for the first time in November.

I am very nervous of course and also scared of the operation itself, and possible complications, but I intend to go for it if funding is secured.

My tum and bottom and thighs look dreadful and can only get worse as I continue to lose weight.

I worry that vanity might prompt me to agree to an operation that might harm me. Yet I hate the way my body looks right now. It's a dilemma.
I just read Mike's latest post (icemoose) regarding his recent tummy tuck. I am very glad, Mike, that you are slowly improving, and I thank you sincerely for posting so honestly about what you have been through. Your thread is absolutely NOT a good advert for this procedure.

And it has most certainly made me think. I realise that others have posted totally contradictory experiences, but I am mindful that last year I checked out online pix of 'successful' TT's and was horrified by the appearance of the scars. I find myself wondering, again, whether or not I would find such a 'neat' scar a boon or a further reason to dislike my tum.

You regret having this operation. You say you always will. I fear I might loathe such a scar... but if I came through the operation okay and had a better-looking and feeling 'everywhere else', so to speak, would the scar really matter? I have a sneaky feeling that it might.

Then again - I am living a celibate life because of my loose skin. What to do? I just don't know.
Hi There GG

Like i said earlier on in this thread, i had a TT 5 years ago and i honestly think it was the best thing i ever did. I lost 7st and had so much loose skin that i couldnt bear for anyone to see it, i would never have let my boyfriend see it - god knows how i managed to keep it hidden from him!! When i had the op i was very optimistic and although the scar has taken time to fade it is now so light that even in a bikini you can only see it if up close.
For me it really boosted my confidence, my clothes fitted better and i dont regret a second of it. It did take 6 months or so for me to get used to it, and maybe Mr Icemoose will tell a different story a little further down the line. The first couple of months are tough and i think you go through a bit of a bad time whilst your body adjusts, but the end result 5 years down the line is one i will never regret.
I still have loose skin on my arms and thighs, i am thinking of getting this sorted out at the end of next year.

I hope you find your answers in these pages and if you have any more questions then i am always about to answer them

I had my TT on aug 6 th this year
and I also have a friend who had it done 6 mo ago
she is very happy and looks amazing
as for myself , I am the same.
I still have tape on my scar ( for 100% around my body ) you have to take care of yourself
I will keep that for 2 more weeks\and then start in with creams.My Dr said that in 6 mo you wont be able to see much of the scar due to the type of skin I have.As you can see with Mike he didnt get the best after care.
If I have the smallest knickers on you cant see it They took 6 pound of .skin from my back alone.
the scar is better than skin for me !!!!! any day !!!!!!
good luck

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