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HELP WHAT CAN I EAT????????????


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you can have cottage cheese on ss+
I can't see a little bit here and there doing you any harm if it helps you keep focused, it certainly shouldn't knock you out of ketosis as you can have it on AAMW.


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Is it hunger or is it a craving? I would suggest having a walk/bath/read a chapter of a book and see if you still want something. Most cravings go away after 20mins.
I can't judge because I've nibbled on some chicken tonight because I "needed" to and it got me through a bad patch.

I am worried that it will become a habit and I will nibble a little bit more and more and that defeats the object of a food replacement diet.

Do you know why you feel the need to nibble? Can you work out what it is that you really want because if you're in ketosis you won't really be hungry? If you can work it out, maybe you can get a bit of what you really need instead.

If you really do feel the need to nibble perhaps have a look at your CD book and do SS+ or 810 instead?

Hope you work it out because I haven't worked it out for myself yet and maybe you can tell me the answer :eek:;)


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I agree, the urge to nibble is sometimes overpowering, but not through hunger. Funny thing is that the things I crave on SS are not what I would normally crave, eg. veg, fruit.
Usually I'm a real carb addict - I guess it's a case of breaking the addiction.
Good luck all:)

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