Help with Hot Drinks + Snacks


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Hi Guys,I am very new to SW and doing this online with my partner. We both love our hot teas during the day, but my problem is I tend to have 3-4 sugars in mine (I know its terrible) I have started to wean myself off sugar in my tea (although it is not very enjoyable now hehe) I was wondering are there any alternatives to having sugar in tea? as atm one cup of tea is costing me 4-5 syns each! I am only allowed 10 syns per day.
Also we love to snack! which is where our problem lies! most of the recipes I have seen so far sound like what we already eat apart from maybe swapping out a few brands here and there. But does anyone have any snack ideas that would keep us going at work that aren't full of syns!
I know fruit is a great snack - but would like to have a bit of variety :)

Thanks in advance! Need all the help we can get! We tried calorie counting and that didn't work! So SW it is!

Starting Weight: 210 pounds
Current Weight: 210 pounds

Target Weight: 172 pounds

Weight need to loose: 38 pounds
Have you tried using sweeteners in your tea??
SW is a great plan, an many folk lose loads of weight..... it does mean though, that we need to make some lifetime changes which can be hard at first.
Try Splenda in tea, although 3 -4 spoons probably won't taste so good. Just gradually wean yourself off of sugar, you'll soon adapt to it.
Check out recipes on here for snacks, there are loads to choose from. Also the SW magazine is great for ideas.
Good luck to you both on your journey x
I always have the sweetener tablets in tea as they're syn free xx