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Help with Ketones

I hope someone can help. My little sister alerted me to the fact that she can detect ketones in my beath and said its not very pleasant- really paranoid now what people will think at work, is there anything I can do, I know listorine strips have been advised are they good enough?? I drank a couple of strong cups of coffee today hoping that would mask it. I would hate to think when Im talking to someone I have bad breath!!! My pharamist advised drinking more water- I dont think I could physically drink any more lol. So paranoid now any help please???? How does anyone else combat this.
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Listerine strips or mouth wash really works hun and yeah more water helps too other than that talk with your hand infront of your mouth and don't kiss anyone lol


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Stick with listerine ...lil was knocked outta keotosis with toothpaste!!!!
just the strips or does anyone use the mouthwash- the shop close to me only does the mouthwash not the strips, :cry::cry: I'll have to wait until laster tommorrow to source the strips.


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Asda sell the strips but only in the chemist part...but yeah, the mouthwash is fine too as long as it is listerine xx


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my local asda doesnt have a chemist and i cant find listerine strips anywhere so have to keep using the mouthwash x


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You could put the mouthwash in a little squirty bottle and squirt when ness...and its a bit more transportable than swigging from a bottle xxx


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I used to use Tesco's sugarfree breath freshener and it didn't seem to affect my weight or knock me out of ketosis xx
thanks guys will keep looking round if not will have to get down to tescos x
Just back from the shop and got the listerine mouthwash stay white heres the ingredients... Aqua, alcohol, sorbitol, poloxamer 407, benzoic acid, eucalyprol, menthol, thymol, methyl salocylate, aroma, sucralose, sodium saccharin, sodium benzoate, zinc chloride. Fingers crossed it won't knock me out!!!


Says it as it is!!!
shouldnt do hun xxxx LT recommend listerine

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