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help with menu..

Hi everyone

im eatin out with work on thurs and have asked for the menu to be emailed to me so i can choose, we are havin starter n a main, wat do u think would be best to go for?

Ellie Mays
Chef’s soup of the day served with a selection of breads £3.50
Atlantic prawns served with our own Marie Rose sauce’
on mixed leaves £5.95
Golden breaded mushrooms with salad and a garlic
mayonnaise dip £4.95
Traditional Caesar salad: lettuce, bacon, croutons, parmesan & Caesar dressing £4.95
Bruschetta sweet chilli cream cheese served with pesto and
dressed salad £3.95
Chicken tortilla: Barbecued glazed strips of chicken fillet served in a tortilla basket with a garlic dip £5.50
Grilled goats cheese served on mushrooms with roast red pepper
and balsamic dressing £5.50
Cheesy garlic sun dried tomato bread £3.50

Sweet chilli chicken or beef: Strips of chicken or beef with mixed peppers & onions in a soya and sweet chilli glaze served on a sizzling platter £10.95
Sizzling Platter: Sirloin steak, pork chop & chicken fillet served with onions, mushrooms & pepper sauce on a sizzling platter £15.95
Chicken or beef Fajitas: pan fried with peppers, onions, garlic & cajun seasoning served with tortilla wraps and dips £10.95*
Mixed Platter: Sirloin steak, strips of barbecue chicken, scampi, mushrooms & onion rings served with garlic and bbq dips £15.95
Steak & chicken: Sirloin steak & battered chicken fillet topped with onion rings, served with coleslaw and barbecue dips £14.95
Pan fried chicken served on a cajun & sun dried tomato stuffing with a cheddar cheese and chive sauce £10.95
Half roast duck served with caramelised red onion & red pepper with a sweet & spicy mango sauce £13.95
Baked salmon topped with a cream cheese lemon and dill crust served with French dressing £11.95
Mixed Grill: Sirloin steak, pork loin, sausage, bacon, egg and mushrooms £14.95
Grilled pork loin served on a bed of champ and onion gravy £9.95*

Classic steak and Guinness pie: strips of beef in Guinness gravy served in a pastry croute topped with tobacco onions £8.95
Honey mustard baked gammon and pineapple £9.95
Battered scampi served with a lemon salad £9.95
Chicken pita: Glazed strips of chicken fillet served in a pita pocket with salad and a choice of dip £9.95
Battered cod fillet served on a lemon salad £8.95
Creamy chicken curry served in a tortilla shell with basmati rice £9.95*
Battered chicken goujons served with a choice of garlic mayo, sweet chilli or bbq dip £8.95
6oz homemade burger served with cheese, salad, bacon and topped with tobacco onions £8.95
8 oz sirloin steak £12.95
12 oz sirloin steak £15.95

All steaks are served with mushrooms, tobacco onion garnish and pepper sauce

All Mains, Traditional and Steaks are served with a choice of side order except those marked *

Salmon salad: baked salmon fillet served on a continental pine nut salad with a lime and coriander dressing £10.95
Atlantic prawn salad: prawns served on a tossed salad topped with our own baby caper and Marie Rose sauce £9.95
Honey mustard baked ham salad £9.95
Vegetable curry: strips of mixed peppers, onions, carrot, mushrooms in a creamy curry sauce served with basmati rice £8.95
Vegetable fajitas: mixed vegetables fried in garlic and cajun seasoning served with tortilla wraps and dips £8.95
Stir fried vegetables & tagliatelle in a sweet chilli sauce served with parmesan shavings and garlic bread £8.95
Mushrooms and sun dried tomato with tagliatelle in a cream chive sauce and sun dried tomato bread £8.95
Chips, Garlic chips, Sweet chilli chips, baby boiled potatoes with herb butter, mash, champ, tobacco onions, French fried onions, sauté mushrooms seasonal vegetables, tossed salad, side salad £2.95
Coleslaw £1.95
Pepper sauce, red wine gravy, mushroom sauce, Diane sauce, creamy garlic sauce £2.50
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If I was you I'd go for an Extra Easy day, the ceasar salad would make a good starter & if you wanted could ask for it without the dressing/croutons or syn them.
For a main I'd probably go for the grilled pork loin or a steak, it states they come with side orders so I'd ask for a jacket potato & salad.

Avoid anything that is pastry or in batter or cream as these are usually very high in syns.

That looks like a pretty good menu to me :)
Some places don't have anything at least half healthy for us slimmers lol!
Enjoy your meal hun. xxx
thank you for your reply, cud i go for mash or champ do u think as a side or wud u avoid it?xx
id avoid it would probably have butter or oil added
thank u :) can maybe see me goin for a steak, or wat do u think about the gammon?xx
thank you for your reply, cud i go for mash or champ do u think as a side or wud u avoid it?xx
I'd avoid going for mash as they usually add butter or olive oil.
Jacket potato or new potatoes are the best option but opt for no butter. x
The prawns as a starter, without the dressing. Then the baked salmon (you can scrape off some or all of the crust) without the dressing. Or the baked gammon, or a steak.
gammon but you would have to be strict and not eat the crispy fat mmmmmmm
I wud try my hardest hehe, il prob go for the steak :)xx


Plodding on.......
For starter I'd go for either prawn cocktail with dressing on the side (so you could have a bit and syn it like mayonnaise) or the caesar salad without dressing (or on the side so you could control how much was on it and syn it) and without croutons.

For main, any of the chicken, steak or salmon but without the sauces.

Definitely ask for baked potato because the mash will have LOADS of butter in and ask for vegetables (if you have them) without butter as well.

Hope you have a lovely time. Should be a fairly low syn meal out if you're careful :)

Gail x


Always comes back to MMs!
I'd go for the prawns to start without dressing and then a steak (skip the sauce) with a massive side salad, and scoff the lot!!

Enjoy xxxx
yep think il go for steak with salad!yuuumm!! n u no wat think il skip the starter lol xx
thank u:)think id have to have some kinda sauce as it wud be dry :eek:

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