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Help with re-start pls?


Hi, I've been reading everyone's posts but not been posting myself as I felt a fraud not being on CD anymore:wave_cry:. I had to stop as finances were dire & hubby was facing redundancy ANYWAY...it seems he's ok now & overtime is back on :)BUT we go on holiday on the 4th August for a week to my parents -homemade bread, cakes :eek:etc....drool.. do I start next week or when I get back from my parents? I'm worried about gaining but also about resisting my mum's FAB cooking & feeling a failure if I start CD then. Any ideas or suggestions gratefully accepted.
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Hi, I've only being on LL for 4 weeks but if i was facing that choice i would start when you get back, i would hate to start, give in while I'm away and come back to a gain. I would prefer to have a lovely holiday and come back refreshed and motivated - thats just what i would do though, good luck deciding x

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To be honest we always have reasons to put things off, going away on hols, birthdays, a day out & so on. It's really a choice you need to make for yourself, i'd personally start now & when i'm away follow one of the other CD steps to minmize any possible weight gain. Good luck in which ever you decide to do!....xxx


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Yes I agree, Don't start until after you hols....It would be hard to get back on ss after. Try and eat as sensibly as you can and start to drink your water.....and plan to get back on cd as soon as you get back.
Could you do one of the higher plans from now until your hols - then afterwards ease yourself back into SS???

That way you'll minimise the damage you do and when I'm in control of my eating I always feel better.


Thanks for the replies, though I'm still torn. It's the only time hubby & I get to go out at night ALONE & water in pubs just feels wrong, but I want to start now, if the holiday was 3 weeks or more away I'd definately start now, oh well I shall chat to my mum & seee if she can shut me in their conservatory whilst they eat & just fetch me out to wash the pots, lol.
Hello Sharon

I have the same problem as you. Im going away on the 5th

August and have been thinking the same thing. I'm back on

the 9th and decided to wait till then to start CD again!!!

Am planning on cutting back on my carbs during the next

two weeks though and upping my water.

We will both be starting together if we leave it till we come back.

Will be nice to have someone in the same boat as me.

Take Care



Thanks Scarlet, that would be great, is this the first time on CD for you? I'm having a chat with hubby when he gets up (he's on nights) my mum wasn't much use at all, just chatting about the weather instead of offering to not bake bread when I'm there. If hubby thinks I should start it won't be 'til Wednesday at least, we have too many bills to pay & I need to make an appt with CDC who's always busy; she's really nice & has lost 11 STONE!!!! Have you got a CDC yet or are you still looking?

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