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This is my first day!

I got no instructions with my shakes.. on the bag it said 300ml water for other ones... so I used that... but I tried and tried drinking the shake... it kept coming up...

Tried again in work.. but still the same, when I drink it.. I go to puke it back up.. (very sorry! tmi) but if I cant drink it.. what shall I do.. tried holding nose but the after taste still makes he heave..... all I can taste is vile powder..... (mixed it in blender so looked well mixed)

I really want to do this... :cry:

Anyone any suggestions? I might try some ice & sweetners? I dont drink coffee...

How did you get through the first few shakes??
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A little of everything!
Lots and lots of ice and 2 sweeteners in each shake- thats the only way I could take them, but a lot add coffee to them to make 'latte' type drinks- maybe that'd help? I added chilli flakes to the soups. They do get better as your taste buds adapt- I promise!
I use 250ml (makes a thicker shake, like a 'proper' shake). Never had the vom problem so can't help there - however i do think ice may help. room temperature's not the nicest - or even use ice cold water if you are able.

highly recommend the coffee in vanilla shake too :)
What are you using to mix them? You'll probably do best with either one of the shakers designed for these sorts of things or a hand blender. If there are lumps they are really difficult to stomach!

Also, I find them quite difficult anyway, so I always make them fairly thick & use a straw. I really find the straw helps!

Hope you find it a little better next time you try!!



Positivity is the key
hope you have had a better rest of day, getting sick mustn't be nice. Hopefully the tips you read will help, I use the ice and straw and never had a problem. Hope something works, best of luck.
Hi i was exactly the same couldnt stomach them at all so a friend told me to try a straw and i make sort of a slush puppy(blend the ice) and it is much better. i ended up only drinking the strawberry one thou coz i just couldnt with the others. I hated the texture so the crushed ice helps with that!
yeah it depends what flavour you've had. I find that the choc ones are the only ones I can stomach. Some people make them into a mousse but you DO get used to them and will even grow to look forward to them!

The colder the better and use a straw if you're really gagging.

Hope it gets better hun- the taste might not be pleasant but your losses will!



Thanks for all your words of encouragement!! I actually can stomach the strawberry ones.. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
(with 3 sweetners)

Hope I can stick it out...... just so happy I can do the diet...

Day 1/2 ... so far so good........

one day at a time...

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