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Hi everyone

I started Atkins 2 weeks ago on Sunday and had a cracking 1st week when I lost 6lbs :)

I weighed in on Friday, a day early 'cos I was setting off for a long weekend at my caravan in the Lakes.

I had been waiting for this energy rush AnnaMarie told me about and it never came. I felt bloated all week too. When I weighed in I had put on 2lbs :cry:

I have stuck to the diet fairly rigidly, the only things I have that I shouldn't is tea with a tiny drop of semi skimmed milk and alcohol - gin & slimline or wine on the odd night. (This didn't affect the 1st week at all).

I was so looking forward to going into ketosis and am not sure what to do now? Should I stay on induction (which is what I thought was the best option)?

Any ideas guys please? I am gutted :break_diet: Might be tomorrow before I reply as I am out tonight.

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I'd stay on induction Caz, and what you have reported is not uncommon in the 2nd or 3rd week. You do need to look very closely at what you are eating, I'd post in the "What are we eating thread" so we can look and critique. :)
Ah right Jim... phew... I thought it wasn't working for me! I couldn't resist another peek on the scales this morning and that 2lbs has gone.... so feeling much happier about it all now :)
The other thing Caz, is that in the overall scheme of things, you don't have that much to lose love, so you will lose slower, I went into OWL with way more to lose than you have to start with.
Cazzaline, it does sometimes go that way :-( stick with it, when you do get the energy burst, you will be glad you did. Have you bought ketostix?
Also cazz if you are like me, sometimes a gain could be water. I'm a recovering scaleoholic :D and I use to weight 2 times and day and etc.. :sigh:
Now i hardly weigh at all but with me I weighed less in the afternoons after Ive eaten lunch and etc.. So If I was you I'd select one day and try and weigh the same time each day with the same amount of clothes on and etc..
Thanks for the support guys.... are ketostix readily available in the shops or should I look online for them?
And actually I can't count, I have now lost 7lbs.... so feel much happier :D
I have been out for lunch today but will still post my meals for today.... feedback always welcomed :)
well done foe the 7 lb lost. I think you can buy them in the stores, not sure, but for sure online. I never tested myself. My breath was a dead give away LOL..
Same here More, bad breath, stinky luminous pee, metallic taste in my mouth and bad BO. LMAO
sounds delightful Jim!

Ketostix are available in Boots, if they question what they are for, just ask them why they want to know, that shuts them up! They've no right to ask.
LOL @ annamaria, Do they really ask why? people really are so nosey at times.

LOL @ Jim never had the BO but the bad breath for sure.
hi caz, they didnt have any in boots?
Morning Jim .... I don't work Fridays so :D here too. I have lost that bloated feeling now & actually feel like I have definitely lost some weight this week.
Hope I go into ketosis soon as I hate this headachy feeling (the wine didn't help last night!).

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