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just had my 3rd weigh in an i have gain 2lb, i have not eaten over and dont understand just feel really disapointed.

the only thing i have done different is saving some points for the next day, this shouldnt make a difference should it?

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Hi I have done ww for 23 weeks 100% with exercise and 5 weeks ago I gained 2.5lbs and now thus week is a gain and gave stuck to it not once going over points and 3x zumba classed this week, I have saved points too and I weigh in tomorrow but yesterday scales said 2lbs gain ??
I think it's totm retention as long as you have stuck to plan that's all it can be, if last week you didn't stick to plan it can take a week to show up, just carry on it should go, check you track everything and weigh and measure xx
thanks for the reply, i can always count on u. i have only been doing it for 3 weeks and i havent slipped up even last week i have dne the same, i just makes me feel disapointed but i have still lost 12lb in 3 weeks so i guess i need to look at the bigger loss rather than the little gain
Hi Sarah just dont give up please . I successfully lost 5 stone eleven years ago and it was full of times like this where you just cant understand the gain when your being so good. Sadly thats what I have to lose again through sad times and illness that has seen it creep back on without me really noticing or even caring but hun you will find great support here and motivating stories so keep strong and focus . Big Hug Maria x
thankyou for ur support, u get much more support from this site than u do from a meeting.


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ggrrr i wrote a massive reply and it disappeared

It could just be your body in panic mode, you have lost 13.5lbs in 2 weeks.....most can't do that in a month and 3rd weigh ins are known for being rubbish as the body realizes that this is a long term thing and tries to hold on to your fat stores.

Even people on cambridge have gains and sts and they are eating 415cals a day!

you have to look at the losses over the month to get a true picture. I know it's disheartening but it will pay of i promise xx
I was thinking the same hun, youve lost nearly a stone in 2 weeks!! your body is just probably trying to even it out thats one hell of a loss.... could also be holding on to water too - dandelion tea is supposed to help with retention and bloating?

Also, have you been taking your measurements? someone reminded me this morning to look at what tapemeasure says sometimes over scales coz you might still be loosing inches even though lbs not going off .... :) chin up it will go away and even out...

someone else told me once that you can loose upto 2lbs just by having a pee so most probably water, theres no way you couldve gained 2lbs of fat eating healthily on ww

Is true I had a sts on lighterlife and measurement mine are -28.5 inch bust waist hips thighs arms so I think we have to look at the big picture, tbh you had lost a huge amount in 2 weeks so be proud and I bet you'll lose next weigh day Hun :) I'm expecting a gain tomorrow but am sticking at this as the other choice us to get fatter hey :), we should be proud as we are 100% ers :) xx
thankyou guys it does make sense what u have all written, i am going to keep going as i am desperate to lose weight. i think i must hold on to water as i think the 10lb loss in the first week was all water. i dont think i have lost any fat yet, i have measured myself but only 2 weeks ago an i checked again yeasterday an was the same. i really dont like the taste of flavoured tea, does any1 no anything else (not tablets) that helps with water retension.
size 10toB good luck with ur weighin tomo let us know how u get on, i hope it is good news for u, thanks all
thankyou so much, it doesnt make sense that more water can help, but i think this is my problem i hardly drink i just dont feel the need for it, got to drink more this week! if i drink more wont i gain some weight?
that is such a good site, gonna have to add that one to the favorites, thankyou again

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