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Hi everyone,

I need some advice. I'm fine with sticking to my diet during the day but after I come home from work and eat my dinner all I want to do is snack on sweet stuff.

I've bought some options hot chocolates (which are 2 syns on sw) to try & satisfy my craving but I like to have 1 of these before bed.

Any advice on how to stop these cravings?? Thanks
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Light yogurt and chopped apples to dip in I use granny smiths as there tangy and the dipping make it great for watching tv or films. / or dip the apples in artificial sweetener all free foods :))))


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Carb (sugar) cravings are triggered by blood glucose levels and insulin production. The way to beat these cravings is to change what you eat during the day to keep your glucose/insulin levels evened out. This is an actual physical response from your body and not a 'mental' response to just wanting something sweet.

When you eat refined carbs, whether its sugar or starch such as bread or potatoes or pasta, its converts very quickly to glucose in your body. The body then responds to this by producing insulin, bringing the glucose levels down. These swings set up a response that has you craving more carb to put the glucose level back up again. The way to beat this is to eat a higher level of protein with low carb veg such as salad and non starchy veg, and avoid refined carbs altogether. Protein converts to glucose way slower than carb does, and you then avoid the peaks and troughs of glucose/insulin.

Im not advocating an extreme 'Atkins' type low carb diet here, but this is part of the reason why Atkins works. You dont need to go the whole 'low carb' diet route, just cut out refined starches, eat less potatoes and pasta and choose whole foods and wholemeal bread ( but not too much of it). If you can do this for a few days you will be rewarded with a marked reduction in cravings.
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I am exactly the same but i think the problem could be what your eating during the day. I find that if i have any ww points left over i use them on my oatso porridge before i go to bed. But i know its easier said than done when the temptation of crisps and chocs are in the house. Try and eat little and often throughout the day to keep your sugar levels right. Good luck with it all x
Thanks for your tips everyone. I do eat a lot of carbs so I'm going to cut down on them and see how that helps.
I've also bought some strawberry fat free yoghurt and blueberries to pick on.
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I'm exactly the same! I sometimes have a Muller Light yoghurt, it can do the trick to get rid of the sweet cravings.


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ideally humans would be like battery levels on mobile phones, you plug it in, it charges to exactly how much it wants, and then it stops, no more is needed.

so then human beings would eat in sync with our metabolic rate, taking exercise and other calorie burning into considerationg, and then eat exactly what we need. but it dont work like that, because our eyes, mouth, taste, stomach, digestion etc is not in sync, so we dont 'know' when to stop eating, it tastes good and we just carry on, yum yum.

so 1 peice of advise i heard really is good i think. eat whatever you normally eat, but just eat it really really slowly, this will make you feel fuller quicker.
grapes are helping me at minute :) x
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yes grapes seem to do the trick for me, or I will have a ww yoghurt (1point) I don't know y but as soon as I have a yoghurt I always feel full, must be the dairy ;)

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