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Hi, on my second week now, doing really well, tell you what i have lost on wednesday:) i am going on my holidays to america late november, so i know i wont cheat because i am desparet to loose at least 3 stone before then, when i started to my hols its 100 days, so fingers crossed. The trouble is what do i do on holiday? do i do atkins, do i take cd with me, or do i enjoy myself. What do you all think:rolleyes: please help:confused:
Personally, I enjoy myself on holidays and know it's going to be really hard to get back on track when I come back, but I do and have done.

At Easter I gained 19lbs in 10 days - which shocked me but I lost it all in the next 10 days back on SS. I was surprised it was that much as half of the 10 days I did eat really sensibly and much less than when in full splurge mode!
I even found myself in the first few days looking at stuff and thinking "I could eat you but I don't want to" and not eating it. However, once the food demons came back, it was just like old times - a salutory reminder that this is a battle I shall be fighting for the rest of my life.

Whatever you decide to do is up to you, but whatever you decide to do, enjoy your holiday!

thanks AKB, i know its a while of but its been bothering me, i think i will have my christmas on holiday, and get back into it when i come home.19lb in10 days is shocking, but you got back to it, you have done soooooooooooo well, good luck with you 18lb to go, and thank you for the advice. x
I went to Italy for 16 days in August. I had a CD bar for breakfast and one shake pack in several coffees throughout the day. For luch I usually made a salad and took it out with me. I had whatever I wanted for dinner including vino rosso. I have to say though that I honestly did not WANT the high carb options, but if I had, I would have had them. I think one of the keys is to keep active if you can. We walked a lot, (mostly around museums art galleries and SHOPS) and I had lost another 4 lbs when I got back.
Hope this helps.
Ann x

I went on holiday in May and i had a choc shake for breakfast, a toffee bar for lunch and a chicken salad in the evening. I was already on maintenance with LL so was also drinking wine. I put on a couple of pounds i think but that soon came off.

Basically, stick to CD with a light chicken salad meal in the evening. If you break the diet you will feel rotten during and after your holiday.

Is it worth it?
I did CD on holiday but ended up nibbling!! I am going to centerparcs in November and plan on doing 790. I have made my mind up to have a couple of treats but not going mad.
I havent had a problem restarting the diet when i've slipped up but some poeple do so just be aware it can happen. :)

Have a lovely time. I love America!! :)
thanks eveyone, i think i will be watching what i eat, and staying away from the carbs, [enjoyed your photos ann from italy]. Thanks i am feeling more relaxed about going away now. x
Hiya Pebbles, I've just been away, only on a short break 4 days, but I did 1 x shake am, 1 x shake lunch, bar for afternoon snack then salads for evening.

I felt better for that and have lost 3lbs.

I think as long as you choose carefully then a 790 is a great idea when on hol x
I'm going on a short break to Holland in October and will be taking a planned break: much along the lines of Ann in Italy.

I'll be staying away from the yummy Dutch chocolate & Ameretto covered pancakes and chocolate coated fruit kebabs (just how do the Dutch stay so thin???)

I'll deal with the consequences when I get back - although if I plan it well, any damage will be minimal.