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It's day 20 for me and I am glugging water as if there is no tomorrow, but I am craving toast like no body's business!!!

Please, please help me!!! This is the first time that I have ever craved something enough to want to through this plan out of the window!!!

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Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
I wish I could help Kerry-Ann, try keeping yourself busy... I usually give in, but you are not too, because you are being strong... why not make yourself a coffee??

Keep strong hunny...



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Now listen to me Mrs V.....toast and Marmite is a no no...too much salt will make you retain fluid and blow up like a balloon.......have some chicken instead.......

Come on Mrs V you are supportive of everyone on here so spray the room with an airfresner or perfume and LOSE that smell.....NOW!!! do you hear me!!


Lol. Thanks Nikky.

I think it's becasue I am tired - thanks to my Beautiful Daughter!!!
I am also feeling the cold today - sat at work with my fleece on freezing!!


Queen of the Damned
You've lost 18 lbs in three weeks, darn near 1 lb per day. The toast craving WILL pass, but if you give into it then you are on a slippery slope. Stay strong, stick with it, and you WILL lose your 3 stone for Christmas :hug99:
Ooo....Hedgemag, you are forceful!!!

Thank you both for the replies!
I will keep going, just miss my toast :( Never mind.....there's a chocolate tetra brick with my name on it in the fridge...off to warm that up!
You've lost 18 lbs in three weeks, darn near 1 lb per day. The toast craving WILL pass, but if you give into it then you are on a slippery slope. Stay strong, stick with it, and you WILL lose your 3 stone for Christmas :hug99:

We posted at the same time!! Lol!!!

Thank you for the hug...I want to loose that 3 stone for Christmas :sigh: so, no toast for me!!!


I will get to goal .....

It's evil and will do you more emotional and physical harm than good. It's just a craving and you're probably right, down to tiredness and it will pass, when it does you'll feel so much better for not giving in to temptation.

C'mon darling you can do this .... please don't give in. You're doing a grand job x
Thank you Dobbie.

I have just had a message from Hedgemag that has kicked me into touch!!

Ok, I won't have the toast...I will have my chocolate tetra brick and another litre of water!

1. I can't afford to cheat and gain the weight.
2. I would have more weight to loose if I did cheat.
3. I would beat myself up over doing it anyway!!!

Right - onwards and downwards as they say!!!

Thank you all!



I will get to goal .....

You've kicked ass to your toast craving good and proper. Well done you. Only a couple of days to WI - just focus on your loss ;)!!!

Seriously good job xx
Thanks Hun...How are you doing?


I will get to goal .....
Hey You,

I'm ok thanks chick - well actually not, but putting a brave face on it (v. long story, I'll go into details another time)!

How was your tetra hun?? Taken the edge off that craving I hope ;)

Just had another thought - if you are on a savoury craving, try a cup of veggie bouilliony thingamybob :D
Well done you for not giving in! I have a chocolate on my desk that someone in my office just insisted I have - no-one here knows I am on a diet, and she was very forceful. I chucked it surreptitiously in the bin earlier - but then, oh the shame:ashamed0005:, I fished it out again! :sign0137: I sooo want to eat it, still, even though it has been in the bin! What is wrong with me?! I am not even that big a chocolate fan! I'd far rather a slice of toast! What is this diet doing to me if I can't resist something now that I wouldn't have thought twice about binning a couple of weeks ago!? :cry:I am still having dreams every night about falling off the SS wagon and eating cake, which I don't even like that much! But the feeling of horror that I get when I realise I've failed in my dreams is really haunting me.
Going to throw the chocolate away again. Don't even know why it is still there. Bad me! :whoopass:


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Come on Lighterlady.....throw that chocolate away NOW! Mrs V will tell you how forceful I can be....you don't want it and you don't need it.........so in the bin it goes!!!


I will get to goal .....

It's not a physical want for the chocolate - just your chatterbox telling you that you want. You're doing so well, and take it from one who knows, it;s hard to restart when you fall off. Don't do it, it's just not worth it - honestly.

C'mon hun - don't give in x
Thanks guys. Went and put it in the kitchen bin - all manner of yuck in there, rather than just a couple of bits of paper in my office bin, so no way I can retrieve it! You're right, I don't need it, the angel has beaten the devil! This time! :devilangel:


I will get to goal .....
Woo hoo!!! Way to go girl ..... good job!! Feel very proud of yourself for doing that, it's not easy :D

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