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I dont even know where to start...I have been on here for ages...started out ok but been struggling for about a year now...I have done LL and and cambridge both with success but only got to goal once yrs ago and put all and more back on...after yrs I finally got into the right frame of mine and started loosing really well and was 3st away from goal...(not bad considering I had over 10st to loose)
Anyway long story short I have now gained neartly 4st due to alot of stress in my life but the weight issues seem to be making everthing else worse I feel like crap and need to get back into the swing as I dont want to fall any deeper into the depression pit!!
I want to start back CD SS tomorrow...I havent called my counsellor yet as I dont want to start messing her around again so I have a weeks worth and once I can get into Ketosis I know Ill be okay and will continue...but its the first day I cant pass...I dont break after 4-5 days on...I can SS for ages but its day 1 that kills me...please help me!!
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Do you 'prep' before Cambridge?

The first time I started CD, I didn't and hated those first few days.

The next time I low carbed for 3 days first. I ate meat, eggs, some butter and cream (mainly for cooking the meat and eggs), low carb veg (broccoli, cauli, mushrooms). I didn't count calories.

By day 4, I was sick to the teeth of meat and eggs and couldn't wait to get into CD. I was in ketosis by then though and slipped into CD so easily. If I had to CD again, I wouldn't hesistate to do it that way again.

If you do this, be sure to weigh yourself before you start low carbing as you will get a lot of that first week great loss during the low carb part.

Very best of luck Red.
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KD is so right - use up your turkey, etc getting yourself into ketosis, and you'll slide into SS the easy way. You don't have to suffer through that first day with no food when you low-carb. So many people skip the preparation week because they want to get straight into sole source, but it can make so much difference.

Also, I believe there is a 'hour by hour' thread set up daily that might help you :hug99:
Hey Mandy...im cool thanx...havent started SS yet as havent met with my counsellor yet...my appointment is thursday so I will start cuttin the carbs out tomorrow...friday will be day 1 SS!!!:eek:
I change like the weather lol...The carb cuttin wasnt happenin so today is DAY 1 SS...OMG!!:eek:
I am 1lb under 19st now...and Ill be damned if Im gonna let that 1lb go on!!
I was like 14st 11 last year!!
Well here I go!! Thanx for the good luck msg's!!
Good luck Red!! I'm with you all the way xx
I had to do my masters exams in May and November which caused me a lot of stress and I went from 12 stones to 14.6. size 12s arent fitting anymore. ( I am 5,7)
I started cutting carbs+ cambridge and now 8lbs less, from yesterday back to SS and doing pretty well as I cut down carbs since 1st december so no headches and energy levels are well up aswell.
I also set up my home gym as I had almost all the equipments needed. I have started work out aswell to tone up as I go, started from 15 mins , now 20 and will gradually increase my time on the bike, cross trainer and stepper.
Just do it, u,ll never do it if u think ifs and buts....thats what I was doing, ok so if i take one bite it wont hurt, but that bite doesnt fill u up, so why take it, I now tell myself, no thankyou, bite aint enough for me so I am not going to take it. Lot of will power. I have now taken it as challange and do my spreadsheet of everyday, where I have a little comment box and I write to myself, " successful day, well done"
Hope it helps
good Luck xx
Awww Red - don't be hard on yourself: restarts are notoriously tough. No-one knows this more than me, the restart Queen!

Are you trying to SS? How about trying one of the gentler programmes like 790 or the 1000 plan. Food becomes all the more attractive if you 'can't' have it and if you're head just isn't into SSing then you're on a non-starter. On 790 or 1000 you could have a legitimate meal and so ditch the guilt.

Why not consider it?

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