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hi guys im a newbie im on day 4 already! :eek: and im actualy feeling great considering the amount i usualy eat and that im on ss, anyways i can seem to edit my profile it says im not allowed or someting?! help?? Oh and also on day 4 i feel exactly the same really as i have since day one! where is this bloody ketosis! lol xxx
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Hi Kate and welcome, you won't be able to alter your profile untill you reached 50 posts so get yourself posting darling!!! there s always the word association games to help u with that. I am on my day 5 and like u feel great but I felt rough day1 and 2. you can buy some ketosis sticks to help u find out if you're in ketosis or not. xx
ta and i know about ketostix got given some by our cdc and the boyfriend has lost them!!! useless! lol and i dnt think im in ketosis as im still fairly hungry?
arghh now i have the url above my ticker is that normal?? lol and how do you get those pretty stars as you start to lose weight? thanks very much :D
And getting the stars you can sometimes click on other peoples signature things to get the link to the website they got them from and then you can create your own! great to keep you occupied when your having a hard moment!!

Good luck with your journey! I'm also on day 4, im a restart so just know that it does get easier! Is soooo exciting seeing the weight fall off!

Im living on the saying ' NO food tastes as good as being slim feels' read it on someones signature and loved it! keep saying it in my head when im struggling!

yes that is a good saying, ive put on 3 stones of this weight in the last 2 years (since i met the bf so i blame him) haha no he never forced me to eat, he says hes sorry for treating meso well these last to years, and where have you got your ticker and goals in? your signiture? cos it will only allow my ticker and nothing else in there? and i dont know whats just happened but im suddenly very hyper can you tell? hyper but still hungry lol arghh shut up kate... :p
leaving the fat suit you have the same target as me, and can i call you something else as i feel mean saying that lol
Click on the quick links tab in the toolbar further up this page......then select Edit signature. A new window opens up and thats where i pasted my URL link and then just wrote my goals under them.

Im hoping to get to around the 11 stone mark, when i did cambdridge last year i lost 3 stone then was stupid and without doing the build up plans all the weight went back on so im left back where i started :cry: however this time i know thats what happens if i don't do it proper!! WONT be happening again!

you can just call me Clair if you like, i love the name leaving_the_fat_suit!! because as profile picture shows i really am a thin girl stuck in a fat girls body desperate to come out!! Hehe!!

look out life when i get thin!! :bliss:
ohhh i didnt notice the piccy lol! and yeah but i dont wanna call you fat suit or somthing like that haha so hello Clair :) and it says i have too many charecters in my signiture :(

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