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Helpful Tips/Tricks on how to resist from eating??Needed!! PLS xx


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the story of my life on CD, every day i tell myself that im gona stick to it today and not eat nething but there hasnt been a day ive stayed true to the diet.....:cry:

im wasting money aswell as stressing out on myself the process of guilt, anger, self hatered... im getting sick with it.....

im the one 2blame but.... som reason i get possesd around 6pm or when my husband comes in an has dinner:17729:
... i eat but go and moan about it to family n friends :blahblah:....... i think they r getting sick of it.....dont blame them....

therfore if any of you have felt the way i have and managed to overcom it please advise me how you managed, especially those with kids!!!

help me please
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I haven't even started the diet yet, so don't know if this advice will be any good, but I have recently quit smoking (after trying for ages) so I wonder if it is similar!
Well, I would say, that maybe the best thing for you to do is to take a break for a week or so, and in that time just think why you want to do this. when i smoked and every time i wanted to stop i would go for like a day but then would cave and have one, so i found it best to stop trying to quit for a while. i just thought about why i wanted to quit, and then tried again after a break and i have done really well since then.
so maybe if you stop the diet for a week or so, set a date to go back on it, and speak to your husband, maybe ask him if he can prepare the meals for the first few days so you can get properly into the diet without distractions?
hope it works out for you! good luck!
hey honey can't really help as haven't started CD yet but i'm planning on starting as soon as bubba is born. i have a nearly 5 yr old but she has school dinners so i only have to make her a sandwich in the evenings and fortunatly i dont like bread so hopefully will be no temptation to eat it. is there any food ur husbands likes that u dont? if there is make sure he only eats that or ask for the first week or 2 he doesn't eat dinner at home. take kids to maccy d's or something so they dont eat in the house around u for the first week to get u into it. or u go out for a walk at dinner time or go for a bath or something so ur tempted to eat their food. hope that is some sort of help. good luck honey xx


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Katey what you've said is very true and very important with sole source. You need to be in the right frame of mind otherwise the journey is x1000000s harder.

What I would suggest is if you have to have an evening meal try SS+.

If that is not an option you could try and have 2 packs in the evening that way when your OH is having something to eat you've got something to have as well.

You can also keep yourself really busy, I did so and have continued to do so. Leaves very little time to think of picking. Plus I noticed that when I feel like picking sometimes I haven't had a pack in a while so I have a pack and the feeling goes.
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If you do want to stick to SS - maybe try making one of the savoury sachets into "crisps" - I use the vegetable sachet, and add lots of black pepper. They are really tasty, and this really helped me as it felt I have eaten something rather than just drinking a soup or shake.

In recent weeks I have been going to the gym 5 nights a week, so I have eaten the crisps with a small portion of pre-cooked chicken (approx 90g) for my evening meal. It is a very tasty combo and I actually look forward to it !


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thank you god bless

im gona take all ur advise and try to make it work for me i want to really be healthy for myself and my family..

taa 4 da advise


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Stoshy I managed to lose just over 2 and half stones on CD by the end of August. I have gained about 16 -17 pounds in the last few months and I have been trying to re-start countless times. I felt guilty about eating and also about wasting my money on the packs knowing I would comfort eat in the evening. I am determined to gain control of myself again and having got myself back on the forum reading all the varied posts has reminded me that it was the forum what helped me stick to CD back in April. So I plan on logging into the forum when I find myself craving for food to remind myself I am not alone.
Have you tried putting something in the way of the food, sounds silly i know.

But im going to get a rubber glove fill it with 1lb of lard and tie it up, put it in front of the food, everytime you open the cupboard or the fridge hold it against you, and you will be amazed how big 1lb is!

Maybe try getting a visual of how much you have lost so far, maybe in bags of sugar or packets of lard? have your little corner with few inspiration pictures and your sugar etc and when you get the urge just go and sit for a min, its something im going to do this week ready for me starting it :)

If i think of owt else ill let you know :)
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Katie, im loving that idea of the visual props!


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KIRA n DUCHESS you seem to feel da same as me on this issue, im gona use all ur advise sspecialy loging on every time im hungry and the visual aid i will try to get someting i hate and use it instead of sugar cos il probably eat it raw.....

S: 15st3lb
i'm new to CD, just coming to the end of day 1. I'm finding that when food enters my head and the fridge starts screaming my name, i go and write in my journel. It helps get me on track of why i'm putting myself through this, and i'm reminded of all the fab reasons i want to be thin! Try all suggestions and find the 1 that works for you, you will find it. Good luck! xx
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Welshwench, thats exactly what i'm doing, i havent started yet as start on 5th, but i already set up a blog i can post to so i can keep myself on track. How you finding shakes so far?
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not keen on potato and leek soup, it tastes and looks like wallpaper paste! The porridge is lovely and filling and the toffee and walnut shake is to die 4! I've got an assortment to choose from so hopefully i'll find a few i like . I also bought the orange water flavouring, you only need a tiny bit in a litre of water and its really nice x


Trying very hard!
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Today is my day 2 and so far it seems ok. I have had a few moments but I think take it one day at a time and each day is then an achievement.
Theres been loads of food around me and I havent touched any of it and I feel quite proud, I'm trying to hold onto that feeling rather than how terrible I'd feel if i'd have cheated. xx


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defo im gon do a journal and stick pics of when i was once slim and pics of clothes i wana wear when i finish. You have given me plenty of ideas...... I will put it to the test starting from 2nite and i will tell you if its working....

i would LOVE to here how you are all doing so


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PLEASE keep me updated because thats motivation alone.

xxxxxxxxxx lov ya

Happy new SLIM year


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Hi all just thought I would add one of the tips I used when doing CD .
A lot of problems peeps have with food are habit always eating at 12 oclock cause its dinner time have coffee and bikie at 2 ect well your problem was 6 oclock when hubby has tea .Prep his tea in the morning then it will just need finishing off which he could do while you go pamper yourself with a warm bath or time in the arcade change the things that trigger your binge.
Good luck with your journey xx


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S: 21st7lb C: 10st8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 21.9 Loss: 10st13lb(50.83%)
Just remembered I also took up a new hobbie I knitted everyone I know a scarf lol kept me busy and my mind off food .So find something to keep you occupied xx


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I am onto day 4 (I thought 5 but alas not lol)

I found the first 3 days okay as so busy for new year ect, but last night and today has been a killer:(

I have cleaned the house top to bottom and spent the rest of the time on here at before and after photos:D one day mine will be on there

I don;t find it too hard cooking and things for hubby and kids well making him do that for now haha

we can do it, remember the reasons why you started xxx


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HEY day 1, got my sister round to babysit me n my son... i called her round to help guard the fridge so i dont raid it so far i can handle it but i am kinda hungry, ............ but NO ive got my head screwed on now and refuse to giv in .......... it crazy some days i can forget 2 eat but the days i wana try 2 do something about my weight i can stop eating... its a metal thing...

how are you all doing??

oh yes ive started my journal and im on here cos im trying to forget about my hunger so far its helping........... xxxxx

thinking about finding a hobbie aswell, i mights start dancing again put on a CD and go Mental in my living room .................. im sure my dance moves will entertain the family..... 2birds1stone...

xxxxxxx lov you all xxxxxxxxxxx

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