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Helping OH Quit


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Towards the end of last year my OH had a severe chest infection for 12/13 weeks where his blood oxygen levels dropped so low he was hooked up to an oxygen tank at the emergency clinic by the nurse at 28 years old. The nurse told him there and then, under no circumstances, could he smoke again and to be fair to OH he went cold turkey there and then.

However, after not smoking for nearly 2 1/2 months he has started again. I know it's common to relaps and I am so proud of him for stopping as long as he did, but I can't help feeling frustrated too. The nurse wasn't kidding when she said he could never smoke again as he was so ill; since he started again he is already coughing and I forsee another chest infection coming, since he started again I also have a chest infection and tight chest but when he stopped my chest got so much better as well as his.

I'm trying not to show disappointment or frustration towards him, but I would have thought being hooked up to oxygen at 28 years old and nearly being hospitalised would be enough for him to stop. How can I encourage him to try quitting again?
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I would have thought that would be enough to stop him for good! The key to quitting is wanting to and maybe in the time that has passed he has forgotten just how bad it was.
I'm in week 2 of Champix and day 2 smoke free. It works but then I really wanted to stop.
I hope he sees sense and stops again.


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Thanks, I do too. As much as I love him I'm feeling very angry and upset about it, it may sound harsh but I'd find it hard to sympathise with him if he gets another infection. I don't want to see him ill and I'll obviously look after him but I can't help thinking it's all his own doing.