Hels' Final Push!!!

After faffing about for a couple of months doing 790 then eating on social occasions I have decided to have a final bash at Sole Sourcing!!

I have a big girlie weekend coming up on 22nd September and reckon i could lose a stone by then if i put my mind to it.

I then have another 2 weeks before a long weekend in Italy but will be determined not to undo my good work.

Then I have another 4 weeks to lost whatever is left before i go for a makeover and photo session that my sister got me for my birthday last year! I would really really like to be almost there by that stage so by my reckoning i hope to lose a minimum of 2 stone in the 9 weeks until 1st November.

During that time i have 2 weekends off and am also doing the Great South Run (will def need to eat that day for energy!)

Also i have upped my exercise - have made a committment to myself to go to bed earlier so that i can get up earlier and do my exercise before the rest of my day gets in the way.

Am taking the slow route into SS over the next 7 days and am halfway through day 1 and enjoying the 1500 programme!
Good luck helen and well done on your determination!! you have so much to look forward to in the next couple of months that will keep ya well and truly focused.

Gen xx
Well you have some pretty specific meadium terms goal there and I am getting a confidence and determination from your post which makes me think that you WILL do this. :D

Go for it and don't forget to do measurements and photos 'cause I'm nosey like that (if you feel up to sharing :eek: ) :D
No problem - although I am always ace at planning my entire life down to the nth degree - its the execution i fall down on!

Anyway - overcame very strong urge to eat today when i got a text that upset me in M&S of all places - could so have bought some flapjacks but didn't - did a thought record in my head. Also overcame not so strong urge just through minor anxiety of a client cancelling - its amazing what makes us want to eat!

Hub has just called at 6pm to say he's bringing home his ex boss to stay over - i've merely defrosted a couple more chicken breasts and will give him the same stir fry we're having! Would usually have suggested we go out to eat or get a takeaway - thank god the recipe in the cambridge book was for 4!
Cheers Mandy "roomie"! We will both be there by the time boot camp comes about!!

Am sitting here having lovely chicken stir fry with rice as my 1500 meal - yum!

I have every confidence in you and your plans. GO GIRL!!!:D
Thanks everyone!

Have been doing ok today - moved down to the 1200 plan - at work today so had to get up early to have breakfast before i went - which i never usually do and also to make my ham pasta salad - yummy.

All ok - bit hungrier but the water takes care of it - however when i had my bar mid morning and my tetra brik mid afternoon on both occasions i've had a really bad tummy ache and a very speedy trip to the loo! (sorry to be so graphic) I've never had this with packs or bars before so am a bit shocked!

Well i've had my two today so hopefully with settle down a bit tomorrow. Looking forward to my chicken and spring onion mash tonight.

Also very much looking forward to my girlies coming back tomorrow - they've been away all week and its too long!! Although i must say its lovely to have a calm house - hub and i have been so loved up - oh well back to normal tomorrow!
Hi Hels.. sounds like you're going great.. :)
Hope your tummy settles a bit more and you enjoy your chicken and mash...:)
I've had another reasonable day foodwise but am still feeling under the weather... I feel like some of my holiday weight has gone although TOTM has landed today!!!! I'll see what the scales say in the morning as I am weighing for my start weight for Mini's Xmas Challenge!!!!

Enjoy your last quiet evening without the girls:D;)

Love xxxxxx:)
Second day on 1200 today - no problem at all although i have juggled it about a bit as drove in to meet hubby for lunch - we have decided to do that more regularly as its really nice to have adult time away from the house. He took me to this fab pub overlooking the Thames and Putney Bridge - they had some very yummy stuff on the menu but not quite the combination of salad that i wanted - so i got them to make me one up!! I ended up with probably a bigger meal than i should have but at least all the elements were there! It doesn't bother me at all when i know i'm dieting to not have pudding and bread etc - my problem is my mentality when i know i'm not dieting. Think i'm going to have to live my life on a controlled plan effectively - albeit one with more calories when i am maintaining. Its choices i can't deal with.

We had a little browse around the shops - we decided that even if i'm ssing then i can still come and meet him for coffee after lunch and shopping - thats just as nice! I must get out of the mentality of always associating food with nice times.

Am back home now enjoying my last couple of hours of peace!! Have bought a game we played on holiday with the girls and am going to take them to the cinema over the weekend. Want them to know that i have missed them but without treating them with food!
Hi Hels

Your afternoon with hubby really sounded lovely!!!

Your last post really hit home with me for a couple of reasons... the first where you only associate good times with food and isn't this one hard to get over... when i started cd it was weird meeting people for lunch and not having lunch... but i got used to it and so did they. i still think about it though and associate having fun with meals out and the like

the other thing you said was and i have to quote this

" It doesn't bother me at all when i know i'm dieting to not have pudding and bread etc - my problem is my mentality when i know i'm not dieting"

that is sooo me!!!

its so great to know other people are in exactly the same boat!

hope you have a lovely weekend with your girls and your plan all goes well for ya

Gen xx
Hi girls, know what you all mean about associating good times with food, we are all like that and it is hard to break it and take the focus off food.
Have a great weekend
Hi Hels, sounds like you had a lovely afternoon:), you're so right about good times and food... it really is hard to move away from that mind-set, especially when it's a life long habbit of associating pleasure with food!!!!!!
Even now my number one idea of a good night out involves a good restaurant and lovely food!!! I suppose we just have to learn to make wiser food choices and use the 80/20 rule!!!!!! I'm still very much work in progress on this one... but I'm getting there slowly but surely!!!!:eek:

Hope you have a lovely time with the girls when they get back, the treats you've got lined up for them sound just the ticket:D

Have a great weekend hun:)

love xxxx:)

:) Woke up in an inexplicably bad mood this morning.

I have realised this last week that much as i love my kids i am definitely more tense when they are about. I am really trying to work on this to retain the holiday mood i've had which has made life wonderful this past few weeks.

I've also been getting down as i don't have any nice clothes - i know this makes me sound a bit like a spoilt princess but i am fed up with my hair looking horrid because i don't get the time to do it nicely, fed up with my clothes being so old and of having no clear style because i don't ever really buy clothes. I'm fed up with the constant effort involved in dieting, exercising and everything!!!

Grrrrr!!! :mad:

Anyway - had a client at 10 so forced my sorry ass out of bed to go for a run - dragged my 9 year old on her bike with me and we went to get the papers - remembered to put my pedometer on and managed 2 miles!

I knew i would feel better - all the endorphins and all that and sure enough i do!!

Am on the 1000 plan today - need to concentrate on my water intake as i will be hungry today - have had my egg on toast for brekkie - DD has been taken swimming so hub and i are off out to buy him a mountain bike so he can train with me!

Have been invited to a friends for dinner tonight so i told her i would bring my own!! (she's an ex CDer so understands!)

Have a good day everyone!
Nervous to SS for some reason!!

Good day food wise - i saw a nice adjustment on the scales this morning and have been fine on the 1000 plan again today.

I started thinking - well maybe i don't need to ss - maybe where i'm upping my training (running every day from tomorrow) and just doing the 1000 plan would be ok for me?

I then realised i'm actually nervous to start ssing again. Its almost like i can't bear to give up food - even the healthy but lovely food i've been eating for the last few days. But i also know that if i said to myself that ok - i will do the 1000 the odd glass of wine, none caloried counted meal etc etc would start creeping in.

I just don't know what to do - i think i almost don't want to lose food out of my life!! I'm also nervous because after the first time of ss i tried to get back to it once and it was dreadful, my moods were terrible and i could not keep it up (then we were moving so i had an excuse to stop) so i'm scared i won't be able to do it, that it will be too hard. Its not the sweet relief from food it was the first time round.

Supposed to be going down to 790 tomorrow but i've been so enjoying eating less and healthily on the 1200 and then 1000 for the past few days i feel like i'm not ready to. But then on the other had i know i must - i have to get this weight off!
Totally hear you honey....give me a bell tomorrow, hun and we can have a proper catch up!! :)
Well i'm in a fairly novel place at the moment - (must call you Diva)

For the last couple of days i've been eating probably about the 1000 programme - if i'm going to carry on with this i will join WLR - think its time after about 12 trials! I'm running every day now and have been really managing to control what i am eating! That is pretty unheard of for me! Usually i give into cravings. I'm trying to have protein / carb breakfast - gives me energy for run, then carb either at lunch or dinner - not both.

I don't actually know how my body works with food, how many carbs i can get away with, how much i can eat to maintain etc as i have never ever eaten to maintain in my life. Its either been overeat and gain or diet and lose. I've suddenly realised this and find it incredible that i don't know roughly what my maintaining calories are!!! That will definitely be something i work on in the future!

Scales show a 4lb loss this week - well today they do - yesterday they showed a 6lb loss??? WTF!?
Had a good day today so far!! Was a bit worried after yesterday - was very warm and had training session but was totally rubbish - couldn't do half of what i normally do :(

However out running at 6.50 am (yes you read that right) and managed a really good run - 2.5 miles! Only need to add on another 7.5 by 21st October!

Have been at work in the office today and was really busy so didn't get hungry much - had a delicious sandwich at lunchtime but have still been recording my calories on WLR.

A busyish evening ahead so its all good!