Hels' Final Push!!!

Thanks hon - am scarily in control at the moment! I even made a choccy cake yesterday for a bloke at work (a thank you for recovering my hard drive) and had to slice it up for everyone and didn't have any!!! Even bought a bit home for Ant and the girlies - had to call them on the way to let them know otherwise was scared i'd eat it if they weren't expecting it :)
All over the place!

I went to the Doctor yesterday for new patient check up thingy - never met her before, she didn't even have my notes in the room with her.

Asked me to get on the scales then informed me i was heavier than in march (i know :( ). I told her that my weight was the big problem in my life, a constant battle etc etc etc. She didn't say a bloody word! Just told me i had to lose weight and stop the few ciggies i have. That was it. She didn't ask me if i took any exercise, didn't suggest any ways or methods of losing weight - nothing.

I came out of there feeling unbelievably low - eating is a constant battle to me, i'm doing more exercise now than i ever have so surely i have to be healthier? I called my hub who gave me a pep talk - said how i am fitter than ever and my body is firmer than ever but i still felt like a fat failure, came home, baked a batch of cookies and ate them all.

I am so confused at the moment - i know i want to get the weight off, i don't feel happy trying to ss because i am training for this run and also i have unavoidable things coming up (see above posts - they were supposed to be targets but are now becoming excuses :mad: ). I just can't stop thinking about food!

I calorie counted vigilently last week on WLR - between 800-1100 per day during the week and exercised 6 days out of 7 - didn't lose a lb - probably because of the food i ate at the weekend.

Wish I'd seen this earlier honey. Big {{{HUGZ}}} and a Yah Boo Sucks to your Dr for not being even remotely helpful!!

Hope you're feeling in a better frame of mind xx