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Hen party Weekend

Hiya all,

I have been on ll for 2 weeks and lost 10 lbs so far. My weigh-in is tomorrow so hopefully a stone!!

My concern is I am going to Magaluf in 2 weeks for a long weekend with 27 crazy women on a hen party and not to sure what to do...

I think I can use packs away but then won't be able to drink as be blotto without any food. Any advice??
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I did a big gathering over may bank holiday weekend, Blackpool with 36 of my mates. It was a very drunken affair and loads of fun but I stuck to the plan completely. I made savoury packs into crisps at home before I went and stored them in tupperware boxes. I had 2 bars one day because it was tricky to make a shake but that didn't harm me too much.

I stuck to soda water when out and bottled water when we were at the B&B and it didn't bother me at all. My friends all thought I was fantastic for sticking to it and I got so many compliments on the weight I'd already lost and how I looked that it spurred me on.

Remember it's your choice to do the diet and your choice whether or not you stick to it but way up the pros and cons first so you're making an adult decision.
Thankyou Mrs Pnut for your advice but just can't see me going away and not having any alcohol!

If i do drink whats the best food I should eat not to spoil the plan to much?
Low carb options are best. You can stay in a mild form of ketosis if you don't eat bread, pasta, potato stuff etc. Stick to lean protein and veg/salad. But you will have to accept that you will put weight on I'm afraid. And you may find that alcohol has a very strong effect on you at first.


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My advise would be very simple just stick to the plan. I had tha same dilemma when I just started.
Ultimately its your choice, but the diet was also your choice.
Sorry if its not a helpful answer, I do not mean to put a downer on your weekend, but its called abstinence for a reason and trust me its hard to get back on track once you have eaten.

That is only my 2p's worth.
Tange - FWIW I agree with you completely. I also think it's a little insensitive to come on the board and ask us how best to lapse. We're all in or have been in abstinence and it isn't easy to do but nothing you really want comes easily.

Perhaps you should have thought more about your social calendar before beginning the diet.
Hi guys,

Thankyou for your pointers! I appreciate your feedback and sorry to have pi$$ed you off Pnut!

Its all well and good planning your social calender but things pop up all the time.

I won't ask ur help again!


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Oh bec please always feel that you can ask for help that is what we are all here for but we can't tell you what to do it really is down to you I hope you make your own choices and are happy with them this is what we are all learning with ll whatever you do with regards eating/drinking it's your choice so go have a great time


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Maybe a little harsh MrsP!

Although things do pop up from time to time, a big part of LL is to deal with these in the appropriate way as and when they do pop up, breaking the diet every time something pops up isn't really the right way to go about it. During the 3 months minimum we all do LL it is highly likely that something will pop up, be it a birthday, hen night or other celebration.
It is a test, one that can be hard to decide how to deal with.
I do believe that staying with your packs is the right way to go, and it is totally possible.

When I started LL I had 6 weeks til Christmas and decided that I would break the diet and eat, but by the time it came I had set my mind right and decided to abstain and I did.
Part of this programme (because it is so much more than just a diet) is to learn to deal with your life without food and you can't do that if you constantly break the diet because you have another occasion to go to.

I think you need to think long and hard about it before you decide for sure what you are going to do. Why do you think you need to eat and drink alcohol rather than stick to the programme?

If you are set on eating and nothing will change your mind, then stick to green leafy veg and plain protein like fish, chicken and turkey. Watch anything with sauces, especially creamy, and watch your booze intake.
Plan exactly what you will do. Packs for breakfast, lunch and then salad and protein for dinner, try and limit the booze, alternate with something non alcoholic, you may find you get drunk quicker than usual. Definitely plan when you are getting back on the programme 100% and stick to it.

Put yourself a week after the event and seriously think about how you will feel if you eat/if you don't.

Above all have fun with your friends.
That was what I was trying to say Ali but you've been much more eloquent. Was feeling a bit ashamed in case my post had been seen to encourage becs to stray - I promise I wasn't.
I probably was a little harsh, but I had given advice on this thread twice and the OP didn't like what I was saying so she started another thread asking the same thing.

I'm happy to give advice and support to people that are struggling but when someone comes on here looking for permission to lapse then I'll tell them the same thing I'd say to their face - which is what I said right at the beginning (it's your choice to do the diet and it's your choice whether you stick with it)
Well, I gotta say I agree with MrsP. Coming on here asking permission to lapse isn't really the idea is it. Either you're doing the diet, or you aren't.

I've done weddings, funerals, 2 christenings, Christmas, New Year and numerous meals out without having anything. Yes, it is bloody hard work and on friday I'm going on holiday for a week to Austria, and taking all my packs with me. I have to cook daily for my family and still do the shopping etc.

So why start LL and deliberately eat? you must have known the hen party is coming up when you started it, yet you still made that comittment to be abstinent till you have lost your weight. Why will eating and drinking make it any better? Are you not going on the hen party to help the bride to be celebrate and be with her and enjoy her company? you don't need food and alcohol for that.

Also, drinking when in ketosis is very, very dangerous. So if you're going to drink then you'll need to eat beforehand, which means you'll be eating for longer in order to drink. Then feeding the hangover etc...

At the end of the day it is up to you. But its just one weekend out of your life...is it really worth it??? And then what about the wedding afterwards...and the next night out...and weekend away etc etc etc

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