herbal sleeping tablets?? Ideas??


Hi everyone - I'm really struggling to get any sleep cos my hip is a pain at night :mad: - Taking tramadol doesn't help.
I was wondering if there is something herbal that would help?:confused: Something that won't affect ketosis and is ok to take with painkillers? I'm getting desperate....... keep hitting my head on the keyboard at work !!!! :D
Gotta be melatonin...I have spent years on various painkillers, everything from paracetamol to morphine and although the melatonin doesn't get rid of the pain it does knock me out! It is herbal, non habit forming and I'm not drowsy the next day. I got mine on ebay but I believe you can get them at Holland and Barrett.
Thank you...... I just ordered some from ebay - after surfing several dozen websites I found those on ebay to be cheapest.
One question.... you say you've used them with most painkillers? I'm on tramadol at night, would it be ok to take both or not? Thanks :)