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;)Hi there - looks like its just you and me haha - doing nottoo bad, weekend was a bit of a nightmare but really just started today - dont think i will weigh myself till next monday as i was the same today as i was on Friday.

HOw did you lose the weight before i noticed you had lost 20lbs



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Hiya im starting it again tomorrow I only managed a week last time then got sick so gonna try again x
we will do great, i am feeling good today and am having chicken and prawn salad for tea - dont feel hungry + i have been to the gym in my lunch hour tomorrow.

let me know how you do today

karen xx:wave_cry:


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girls i did herbalife along time ago
gave up because of cost in the end - if id have taken every pill my rep ( the top seller in teh uk and not suprising lol ) wanted me to take as well as thermo drinks and the forumlas id have been bankrupt in a month but i did think the diet worked and fast

may i ask how much its costing you and how many products youre being recommended these days?


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I spent 106 on a months supply including shakes multivits speed tea(lol) and preotien snack bars (the peanut ones are yummy) Howver you then need to add the cost of shopping for your evening meals x
hi guys, it only cost me £68 - i didnt get offered loads of pills, am only taking my vitamin and 2 shakes a day, my lady gave me loads of free samples but it is cheaper to order on ebay so i am going to get my peanut bars from there, havent heard from her since i bought the stuff even though she said she would phone, off to the gym again in my lunch hour, dont really know how much weight to expect to come off the first few weeks but i dont feel hungry - think its more habit than anything else !!!!


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68 is good how many shakes did you get for that? When do you weigh in? Mine is sturday but wont have done a full week this week. x
hi there i weigh in on Friday so will see how i get on, i got tub of strawberry shake, i tub of protein powder and my multivitamins, also go loads of free samples of things to try so really good value for money i thoughm havent struggled at all and have got so much energy today !!!!!


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I feel really ill again this is what happened last time came out in a rash and being sick hope its not the shakes x


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Think its just a coincidence as I have really bad hay fever will carry on just seen my friend who used to do herbalife and she has given me all of her supplies think i have enough to last till christmas lol only problem is I have 4 tubs of vanilla which is my least favourite but im gonna add some sugar free strawberry crushka to it as its not many kcals. Do you know anyone who has lost weight with herbalife? x
yes the other girl in my office has lost nearly 3 stone which is why i thought i would try it, do you have carbs with your evening meal, i had a prawn stir fry with noodles and veg dont know if this is ok or not !!! what do you think ?


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well the person i got mine off said have anything you like at night but try to be sensible so think a balanced tea is ok i suppose if weight stalls could then cut down on carbs. i feel much better today. Your colleague has done brill did it take long? i have 4stone ish to get off x


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Just had another vomiting episode after my shake thing i may have a problem!!
hi ive been on herbalife before are you using ordinary skimmed milk sometimes you body cant take all that milk the lady i got mine off suggested soya milk even if you like ordinary milk it can make you sick drinking so much of it if your not used to loads of milk i liked the soya milk better anyway it made it thiker


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Yes that could be it i dont usually have milk at all will try and get some soya milk. How did you do on herbalife x
i liked it but having a meal is a problem for me once i start eating actuall food i cant stop now starting lighter life no food no problem i did it for a month and lost about a stone wasnt hungry but couldnt stop munching after my meal nothing to do with hunger mind you if you dont like soya milk there are others like rice/oat milk

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