Here I am again :-)


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Hi Everyone

Im a serial dietier be it SW WW Lighter Life JUDDD and many more. But im back with SW and need to achieve something this year that will make me feel better about myself and let me buy clothes that look good for once. Im one week in and I have lost 4lb which im happy with and I intend to carry on with a weight loss providing I can kick the takeaway and chocolate demon :D

Not sure if everyone will agree with this or have a positive view on what I am about to ask but Im trying to work out if doing a combination of SW and JUDDD would work. This means following SW for 5 days a week and the other 2 doing what is called a fast day of 500 cals. When I did JUDDD the fast days felt so good because you realy felt like you was on a diet and Im sure anyone who has been on the JUDDD will agree. Does anyone think that this combination will work ??

Thanks for listening and good luck for the coming week. :) xx
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Hi java

Well done in your first loss. I see no reason why juddd and Sw wouldn't work well together. In fact it would probably mean that your 'up' days would actually be much healthier than doing up days following no plan at all?

Good luck whatever you decide xx


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I don't know much about the JUDDD diet but as long as you stick to the plans I don't see why it wouldn't wouldn't work. It's definitely worth a try.

But keep in mind that the SW diet does work on its own. As long as you stick to it, you will lose weight so if a combination doesn't work just go back to doing SW only

Good luck :)


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Agree with you Mia, but the JUDDD / IF is good for the many health benefits, and its possible to speed up weight loss as a side effect, however, I'm sure that if you overdo the up days, it will only help you maintain, so I'm pretty sure if you follow SW you will continue to loose because SW is a great plan (and it means you eat well instead of stuffing your face)


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I tried JUDDD, loved the up days and seemed to forget to do the fast days! Lol!!!