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  1. sugarised

    sugarised Full Member

    Lol please excuse the rainbow! I say it like that, because it really is up to me. Well I've touched on my backstory in plenty of other areas... so i'll start this with the vitals...

    I'm 25 years old, a size 12, weighing in a 10 stone 7/8
    The aim? Lose 2 stone...ideally a little bit more to allow for a fluctuation or two!

    So.... I work strange hours. I'm trying to fit in 3 shakes a day, but its really hard when you work inverted to everyone else! So... I'm almost complete on day 1 (must finish this shake and 1/2 a litre of water by midnight!

    Started off with the porridge, split in to two (much harder to manage than i expected without making a mess). This was at 3am and 6am. Woah...its grim isn't it? It doesn't taste anything like porridge...or sweetener... i think it tastes more like fake milk. I've got it again for this shifts 'breakfast' but, i have a feeling i'll be swapping some of those! I heard they weren't nice but i have pretty weird tastes, so i thought i'd dive in.... my consultant said he still eats it..I'm now questioning his sanity

    I successfully drank 1.5 litres from midnight to 8am, i have the berry flavouring...i made it too strong...wasn't the best....

    Then ''lunch'' (6pm) was a banana milkshake...again split in two...i liked that, my shaker still gave me lumps, but they're not vile.... i can see it'll be lush as a mousse

    had around 3 glasses of water then, so thats taken me up to 2 litres....

    its now half 11, i'm on the last shake (chocolate) which is really nice, having it in one, as then i won't need to faff, and then guzzling my last 500ml for ''monday''

    So good. Which i'm impressed by. I'm not a very hungry person. But i'm lazy, get bored easily, and am a bit impulsive. These are the traits i need to control...THey weren't helped by the other half watching amazing cooking shows: pulled pork on pancakes with maple syrup?! I was deeply regretting my 'fast' haha. He ate chocolates by me... i had a sniff, but i didn't want any. I'm good at holding back. But i like picking at things. Its a shame this is all drinky and there's nothing like cambridge m&ms haha!

    so yes. so far so good. I think its because i ate right up to before beginning it at midnight last night. I can see why day 3-4 will be bad as everything will have 'gone through' so to say, so it'll be just me and my shakes.
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  3. Kirsteenie

    Kirsteenie Full Member

    Good job for getting through day 1 :) and good luck for tomorrow. You'll be pleased with the results xx
  4. sugarised

    sugarised Full Member


    Well i decided to have a go on one of the ketosis sticks i was given. I know they're not fully accurate, but it went pink immediately, so i'm definately on my way into ketosis if i'm not already there...seems rather fast to me, but would explain why my tummy keeps quivvering haha!

    Not 'hungry' but definately ready for 'lunch' today.... already had my porridge this morning, added a tiny bit of vanilla flavouring to take the edge of it and it was much better.

    Going to try out a mousse today i think! perhaps the toffee one? I think working the hours i do has seriously helped get through the first hike of this... i just hope i don't struggle on my days off or my ear lies (7:30 til 4:30) and... i have a zookeeper day coming up... that will exert energy, so it won't surprise me if i need a chicken snack on that day, but that's to be expected considering that i won't be just sat down!

    So yeah, 1.5 litres of water to go and 2 meals. Feeling good...
  5. sugarised

    sugarised Full Member

    So i'm working my last night, still have one shake to go. I'm sat next to another night worker, who has just ordered a dominos pizza. Oh My God. only the end of day 2 as well. It smells amazing. Everytime he opens the box i get a waft and i can imagine what it tastes like. So dissappinting that the only 'savory' things on this diet are soup (gross). I'll get my shake in me soon. I'm not that hungry...and like i say according to the stick i'm heading into ketosis, and my breath is constantly manky, so i've been quite lucky how fast its all happening. But this is my big problem

    I see people writing here about portion control, binges etc. I don't have any of those problems, i just have to have a taste in my mouth. i like the variation, and i love a hot meal. I can do the tiniest portions and be happy, its just the things i like the taste of, are all the naughty things. Thats why i chose this diet, i needed to get away from the food that you get into a cycle of eating and craving. I need to detox to learn to eat healthier once the weight is gone. As though i don't suffer too much with food weight gain, its going to affect me at some point! At 25 i should eat veg!

    i want to lick a slice! haha
  6. Anastazia35

    Anastazia35 Full Member

    Welcome and well done with keeping away from pizza!! lol
    You will be very happy after the first wi... take care xxxx
  7. GretaGrip

    GretaGrip Gold Member

    How tall are you?

    Sole Sourcing < is this what you are doing? > is not a good idea at a weight of 10 stone 7. I take this back if you are 4 foot something however.
  8. sugarised

    sugarised Full Member

    yeah i'm sole sourcing, hehe i'm close enough, i'm 5 foot, so bmi of 29.+ i'm not planning on being on it for long, just seriously needed to get away from food completely for a week or so, then i may go to SS+

    Definately in ketosis now, this morning i tried the maple and pecan porridge. OMG the smell, its soooo gross! i didn't eat it... I did end up with a rumbly tummy at around 7am, but i was so tired when i got in i went straight to sleep. I didn't finish it, it was that bad. But i've woken up and had a shake straight away. Think i may eat 3 from now considering i barely had any of the porridge, don't want to make myself ill with out good old nutrients!
  9. sugarised

    sugarised Full Member

    Actually if anyone is reading this.... please excuse how gross it gets, but we're all going through it... I see lots of posts on constipation, and the need to take either laxatives or fibre within their noms whilst on this. Am i weird in the fact i seem to have the opposite? I'm seeing it as a positive thing. I am having a liquid diet... so i can't expect too much solidity, and i am trying to get rid of a lot of toxins and crap out of my body. But i just would have thought with how minimal this diet is, and how most of it is all nutrients, i didn't think there would be much waste
  10. Anastazia35

    Anastazia35 Full Member

    Hi Sugar, actually I am on SS/SS+, depends on the day and how hungry I am. But I have to say that I have a lot of waste too. I don't eat much when I am on SS+ and this is usually 3 times a week. I find it a good thing because I feel so much lighter after. i don't know why, maybe are the toxins or residues in our intestines and coming out.. Sorry for the
    So how are you doing? When is your wi?xxxx
  11. sugarised

    sugarised Full Member

    Yeah, i suppose it at least means i'm still being 'normal' and getting horridness out, besides just in water and sweatings.

    So far so good, on day 4 now, no slips, only had a few mild giddy moments. Easily handling the water amounts, as i drink like a fish... had a cheeky weigh in to keep my spirits up, and looks like roughly 3 lbs so far. Weigh in is on saturday morning, so will only be for 5 days, but i work silly shifts...means the week after will be good. if its on the same day....rarely is with me unfortunately!
  12. Anastazia35

    Anastazia35 Full Member

    Think positively and everything will be fine. You may not losing much because you don't need to lose much! You said your are 10st and you want to lose 2st???!!! Isn't that a lot? Unless you are a small figured type...Anyway, you know better!!!! :) xxxxxx
  13. Kirsteenie

    Kirsteenie Full Member

    Best of luck to you! I hope everything is starting to sort itself out? xxxx
  14. sugarised

    sugarised Full Member

    It's all been an absolute breeze. i'm now on Day 6? well part way through, had my official weigh in says i lost 3lbs, but it was lunch time, i think it maybe pushing 4.... lost an inch off bust, hips and thighs. Carryong on...just getting bored of no fun tastes in my mouth. So i'm going to do the controvercial 'coke zero'. well only 1 can max a day. But it'll feel like such a thing to look forward to. I'm already on the water flavourings early... and its all going fine, i've stuck 100%. So i think that one can will help...i might not even have one everyday :D

    My scales are showing me at around 10 stone 2 this morning, but on his today it put me at 10.05.8 :D so we shall see next week what his say then :D
  15. Lauraswift

    Lauraswift Full Member

    Well done for sticking to it. As a shift worker I can sympathize as the diet is hard enough at times without people having Chinese or pizza the smell is amazing :) you should be chuffed you have stuck with it and keep going and you will see the results you want :) I have my 1st wi tonight
  16. sugarised

    sugarised Full Member

    ooh good luck, just started reading through your diary so i hope i see the result sooon :D
  17. Kirsteenie

    Kirsteenie Full Member

    Keep it up :) Also weight loss can be lower in people that dont have much to loose! But you'll get there!! :D xxxx
  18. Lily

    Lily Gold Member

    Morning sugarised (great name! :D)

    Porridge tastes better a few weeks into the diet. Honest. :D During the first few days it just tastes slimy and pretty nasty! It's amazing how your taste buds change.

    Well done on keeping going! :clap: Oh, and the... ahem... toilet issues? Again, very common in the early days cos of the concentration of vits and minerals in the products but in another week or so you're likely to start having the opposite problem. It's all good fun! :)

    Hope you're having a good weekend.
  19. sugarised

    sugarised Full Member

    Hmmm. I've been pondering. I've been on 100% now for 8 days. I'm very very well behaved. I do however have a night out planned and a my mum is asking me abuot a mothersday meal. I've booked the night out as a holiday and am totally looking forward to it. I've said no to the food, and said i won't be drinking....but i've considered now...should i go a day off plan. I've not struggled going from FOOOOD to shakes, went into ketosis fast, and have the discipline to only go 'off' plan for the meal that i'll have out/for mothersday (and shakes earlier in the day.

    what would you do?
    i see lots of conflicting views. But most say don't let things ruin your life or you'll resent it and quit. If i plan, and expect the potential struggle, headache and minimal loss.... do it?
  20. sugarised

    sugarised Full Member

    Officially 1 week since i started.
    I had a cheeky weigh in, and my scales showed 10 stone 1... if i guess correctly, i think that'd be 10.3 on the cdc guy's scales. so that'd be 5 lbs in 7 days! which i think i'd be pretty impressed by (if mine were right)
    I got out my tape measure and was a little gutted that physically my body hasn't altered much. But i think that due to all the water intake, my poofyness is going down from my legs and my tummy. My face looks a little more slender...but 5lbs can be spread over me like butter, so its hardly going to disappear in a big lump is it?

    Still not getting glowing skin though, come on water make me look all healthy :p

    Standing strong but starting to get more tummy rumbles. And i'm getting booooored. But boredom is instilled with my workshifts too! I've decided that because i might lose weight at a slower pace and will be on the restrictive diet for a lot longer than i anticipated i am going to give myself the meal off for my friends birthday. It'll help me keep on track and not self punish, and welcome a break from another milkshake! I honestly can't wait for bars!
    Bring on saturday for weigh innn
  21. sugarised

    sugarised Full Member

    My goals

    Goal 1: 10 stone/ 140lbs: Eyelash extensions
    Goal 2: weigh less than boyfriend (9 stone 10) 136lbs: manicure and pedicure
    Goal 3: 28" waist. i.e. oficial size 10: Get an awesome pair of shoes
    Goal 4: Lost a stone (132 lbs): meal with boyfriend (only food goal...set by him)
    Goal 5: Weigh in at top end of BMI aka 9 stone: 126lbs- new make up
    Goal 6: Partaking in REGULAR exercise: pole dancin lessons
    Goal 7 : by this point weight loss will be slow. Don't give up with 0-low losses: swarovski sparkly
    Goal 8: Goal weight 8.7. achieved: spa day
    Goal 9: Maintain weight: hair extensions
    Goal 10: Braces removed: Photoshoot looking slim and straight teethed.
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