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Here i go again! Will i do it this time?

Hello everyone,

i've just joined this site today in a desperate attempt to get support to help me loose weight. I have been yo yo dieting for approx 14 years now and just seem to be getting bigger as time goes on. I thought that maybe if i started a diary other people could support me on during the rough times and give me reassurance that i can do this.

I need to loose 7stone 3 pounds just to get down to my initial goal of 10stone. This is only just in the healthy range but i have never been that light for as long as i can remember in my life so i would like to aim for that initially and then see how i feel.

I suffer from depression and ME so my biggest problems are comfort eating when i am low and eating junk food when i am struggling with the ME. I need to learn of ways to cope with these problems otherwise i am never going to be thin.

So if i post that i really want to eat that naughty bad food, please please please stop me and encourage me to eat healthily.

My weigh in days are thursdays so i am planning on really going for it from now onwards. I have already stepped up the exercise in the last week so am going to aim to do the following :-

monday - zumba fitness on the wii
tuesday - swimming or gym
wednesday - zumba
thursday - night off
friday - swimming
saturday - zumba
sunday - gym

Please kick me into action if i don't mention sticking to the above exercise plan.

Thanks for listening x
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Hello and welcome along :)

you will get lots of support on here, we all understand!

Exercise plan looks great, you put me to shame ;)

I too have a lot to lose..but day by day, for the first time in a long time..i'm actualy doing it!!!! failed too many times over too many years, so i can relate to what you say.

Keep posting, i look forward to chatting with you :)

(p.s. your height seems to state 13ft 9????..might need adjusting!!! :(...i'm hopeless with computers and do things like that too when i am typing :) )
Thanks for your support Rainbow Rose. x

I'm only just starting that exercise plan so how long it will last who knows. ideally i would like to stick to it if i have the energy lol.

Looks like you've done really well so far. You'll have to give me some inspiration xxx
Thanks, i'll help and support you in any way i can :) When you've got time, have a wee look at my diary, the 1st page lists all the reasons why i'm doing this, and I can hardly believe that the lightbulb moment has come on and stayed on this time :)

the fact you've made the first step to doing it and you sound determined..then you're halfway there! Keepin a diary on here has helped me beyond belief this time, so keep posting on your diary, it really will motivate you..and now, I. for one...will be keeping an eye on you!!!!! :)

Good luck for your first weigh in on thursday!
Thanks hun. i'll go look at your diary now.

I'm going to count my first weigh in as a week thurs as i have been really bad up until now and don't want to start it in negative figures lol . I am going to go back to class then and start a fresh from tomorrow though.

Thanks heaps for offering to support me. You will never know how much people's support means to me. xxx
Must go eat now :)

Feel free to PM me anytime if you want to chat or just need support!

(remember to adjust your height, unless you really are 13ft 9????? :) )

I'm online every day!


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You've come to the right place for support! As a newlywed to a naturally skinny man, I haven't got loads of people who understand the effort it takes to get this weight off! Minimins has been my rock!

Best of luck hon. :) My WI days are on Thursdays too, and I am also exercising six days a week! I also have dealt with depression before so I do relate (can't figure out what ME is, I'm a bit slow :eek: ) to that.

There will be days that you don't feel like exercising, but I am telling you, get up and do it anyway (I have to force myself half the time :eek: )! Exercise has helped immensely with my depression. :)

Remember that you can rant and type about ANYTHING that's on your mind; it doesn't have to be solely weight loss endeavors (though it's all relevant in the end imo). :D

:welcome: See you around! :wavey:
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Opps. I must have put it in cm as i am def not 13ft lol.

I got your friend request on here but unfortunately i can't approve it until i get to 50 posts. This will be my 20th post though so i don't reckon it will take long. I just love to talk.

Enjoy your food and look forward to maybe chatting tomorrow. xxx


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Welcome to Minimins! You are totally in the right place. Loads of support and understanding here. The more you read, write and generally get to know everyone here the happier you will be.

Well done on planning that exercise, that is bound to make a huge difference.
Thanks for your support missfortissimo :) i am sure i will be doing a lot of ranting about a lot of things as it all seems to affect my eating habits.

Another name for ME is Chronic Fatigue syndrome. it means i don't have as much energy as the average person although from my planned exercise regime above you'd never guess it. lol. I will pay for it though by getting loads of sore throats, headaches, aches etc. i also pick up a lot of bugs such as colds really easily. Unfortunately there is no cure so i have to learn to pace myself which again is something i am rubbish at doing. I got diagnosed with it last year and so far have not managed to get it under control at all :-(

I look forward to hopefully chatting again soon.
Thanks Barb. i love to chat on forums although i haven't posted in any for ages so i will be trying to get to know as many people on here as i can. You all seem a really friendly bunch of people

Hope to talk soon. x


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We are, lovely people actually! Modest too!

We;'ll keep you motivated and I must say I love that first goal. Very sensible.


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Ouch about the ME Rhi! I'm sure you probably do all you can for yourself, but do you take supplements like B12 and Iron? (Don't mind me, I'm a total ignoramus :eek: but I like to try to be helpful :eek: ) Those two are good for providing energy, especially if you take Iron with vitamin C, which "activates" the Iron. :)

Ttyl! :wavey:
Ha Ha Barb. i love your modesty. lol. I set that as a first goal as i am trying to be realistic. To loose that much at the moment seems like a long way off. I think i will do it in half stone little steps at the mo until i get going properly. Looks like your doing well. what diet do you follow? xxx

Thanks missfortissimo. I might give that a try as i don't take any supplements at the mo. Thanks for your suggestion. Looks like your doing well too. Which diet do you also follow? xxx
right i am off to the gym with DH. will be back on tomorrow morning. night all. x


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Lots of people on minimins take it a 1/2 stone at a time, which I think is a good idea. :D

I am not following a particular diet, just eating a healthy life style and counting my calories. I've chucked out most sugars/starches/saturated fats and am increasing my fiber, protein, veggie and whole grain intake. :)

Hopefully supplements will be somewhat helpful; last fall I was having very bad struggles with fatigue and exhaustion. I was falling asleep in class!!! :eek: My teachers were rather horrified and asked me what was wrong, and I explained to them my symptoms, one of them is a health guru and told me to take iron and B12. I did that as well as taking my anti-depressents at night instead of the AM and this helped a lot. :)
Thanks heaps for that suggestion. I will def give that a try. Hopefully if I can get more energy then I won't cave in with the junk food so easily.

Well I've just done 40 mins in the gym. That's the 4th night running where I have exercised. I hope I can keep this up and it helps me.

Off for some tea now. Is eating so late really bad for you? X


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Well done on 40 minutes!! Excellent!! :clap:

It is usually best to wait at least two hours after eating to go to bed. That way your body has digested food and will actually dip into fat cells for energy during your sleep.

However, if you exercise at night, then you will need something to eat! Vigorous exercise increases your body's metabolism for hours after you've completed your work out, so I believe this would make up for eating less than two hours before bed--especially if it's something with complex carbohydrates and protein. :)
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I only joined on Sunday and I have to admit it is brilliant don't worry everyone has bad days but just remember we are all here to help when them days come along to try and trip u up x
Thanks Jue. That's very kind of you. I'll hold you to that lol.

Thanks Missfortissmo. I do feel proud of myself for doing 40 mins. Yay me :)
Thanks also for the tip about eating before bed. I'll try to make sure I do that unless I'm exercising etc. That's really handy to know. X