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here i go!!!!


going to do it!!!!
hi everyone,new to this diet but not site as i think over past year i must have tried a few diets and lose but always put the weight back on and its starting to get e down. My mam gave me her book and ive know read it and it sounds good, i did atkins before and did lose on it but i like the sound of the 4 stages and hopefully maintaining. im going to start tomorrow as we got a bbq planned so going just have chicken and home made burgers.
the website suggests i do 3 days attack but think nill do 5 if i can manage it or even 7 , would this be ok?
Your weight losses are great. Does anyone who has done atkins think its as good/easy to follow??

heres to tomorrow and the start of this diet.

Jo xx
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Good Luck!

Enjoy the BBQ!

I think most people do the 5 day Attack, but it depends on how much you want to lose... and how long you can survive without veg! :)

See you you feel after three days, and then decide whether to carry on.


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Jo!!!!! where have you been???? how are you?

Do attack for as long as you can bear if you want kick start. I did 5 days to start. in fact am tempted to do just 5 days PP per week then the weekends PV!!!
Good luck babe xxx


going to do it!!!!
hi guys thanks for your replys.
Vicky...ive been hiding , hanging my head in shame after all the dies ive tried and failed at lol!! you have done great hun and look fab!!
hope i can continue been ok oday so far. Can i really have coke zero?? havnt had any today but really fancy some to take my sweet craving away.
think im going try the 5 days and see how i feel.
nice to be back in touch vicky.

Jo xx


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Hey there JJ... no need to hang your head in my company... I've done them all (funnily enough EXCEPT Atkins!! just couldn't get my head around that one and had already discovered Dukan before they toned down the fat a little in Atkins)...

Good luck!

The doctor does say in the book that he's noticed little difference in weight loss after 3 days' attack, so it's up to you... "transit" can be an issue without veg/salad


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You have been missed. and you will succeed on this one. :)
yes coke zero is fine :D


Loves this site!
Hey Jo, im here too. And so was Caz. Its that bit easier after atkins as not as much fat. Good to see you on here though. Good luck.

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