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Here we go again, restart take 2!


Wants to be thin!
:D :D :D ;) ;) ;) :p :p :p

Hiya everyone! This is day 2 for me on Exante. so far so good. Not really been hungry- which is very weird for me. I really want to lose a stone for Xmas, not sure if that's possible or not?

I go to Zumba twice a week so I hope that will help too.

I'm doing the total solution to speed it up. My hubby's Xmas doo is a black tie dinner so I want to get a fab dress that will look good without the rolls of flab...ha ha.

This forum looks brilliant and I can see how much it means to people having this support from others going through the same experiences. I hope I can be part of it too. Xxx
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Wants to be thin!

Thanks guys. Glad to here a stone is doable. Zumba is fab would def recommend it. Its more like dancing than exercise so even though I'm sweating like mad when Ive finished I don't feel like I have subjected myself to the torture of exercise. I go to two classes run by two diff instructors and both groups have a variety of people in them, young and old, Fat and thin and and thats another reason why I enjoy it. I joined a gym a year ago and felt out of place as there was all the skinny minis in their crop tops and I felt I was out of place.

I was naughty this morning and weighed myself- 5lb off!!!!! Whooop! So happy,:D


Wants to be thin!
I did, but my classes were on day 1 and 2 so not sure if I won't have further on in. Google it, is fab! Recommend it anyone as you can do as much or as little as you want there is no pressure at all. I even bout the DVD to do at home and that is equally as good. X
Well done on your weight loss! You wished me luck on my first post as I started the same time as you. Check out Diary from Spain and read my trauma this morning!

Anyone know how to change the title on the thread please?


Wants to be thin!
Day 3, I'm starving! Food is everywhere I look. My hubby went and bought biscuits yesterday and the are calling me! Not going to do it... I hope! Aggggrhhh when will this hunger end?
Re: Hiya! This is my diary, wish me luck

I think the day before ketosis is usually the day you're most hungry. It is for me anyway. So just one more day and you should be in ketosis.
No more hunger then ;-)
Good luck. If you feel hungry, have some water or black coffee, I found it helped to get me through. It's just a few more hours and tomorrow it will feel better hopefully. x


Wants to be thin!
I know, just hoping someone could tell me different.. In bed already to stop the hunger. Thanks for all your help peeps :) x


Wants to be thin!
Urgh day 4 even harder! So hungry and I fell empty if hay makes sense. Hoping tomorrow will be easier than today. On a plus note lost another 2lbs when weighed myself this morning. That's 7 in 3 days. It's the losses they are keeping me going x
Hi DubNDice

Know how you feel. Yesterday was Day 4 and I watched OH eating big bowl of spag bol! In the end I ate 4 mushroom slices in despair! I am not in ketosis yet either but my weight loss keeps me going too. We are in this together so hang on in there with me! PLEASE.

Check out my ticker after 4 days - that is what keeps me going. k


Wants to be thin!
Well done Karen! 9lbs is fantastic, i weighed myself this am and its 8lbs for me. Whoop. Im definitely not in Ketosis yet im really weak and lightheaded today and starving too. I cant wait to get there. I havent had anything other than the plan BUT i have been so tempted on many occassions this week. Just need to get there and i will be happy. cant work out this ticker stuff? How do you do it?

Dont worry Karen, im here for the long run x
Hi - hope you are doing OK. I went to FAQ to look up about the ticker it is quite easy.

Had 1inch of OH's pizza and .5 inch of cheese. Just could not resist. Other than that I am OK. Infact today I feel really well. Had my hair done, eyebrows waxed and tinted and actually did some banking type stuff today. I don't know about Ketosis as they don't do those strips over here. I guess I will just have to rely on scales.


Wants to be thin!
Hi, Day 6 weighed myself again this morning a total of 10 lbs now which I'm chuffed with. I'm still hungry though? I tested myself on those ketostix thingymebobs and they say I'm in ketosis??? Do u think it's just in my head?

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