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Total Solution Here we go!

Hi everyone! New here so be gentle ;)

I have a lot of weight to lose, and have always been big, since I was a kid, so am very excited to get thin. I think people assume being fat doesn't bother me, but it does! So am planning to lose the bulk of my weight with exante, then go onto slimming world (which I have used before, and lost about 2 stone for my wedding in August but thats crept back on!) to lose any last bits, and to maintain.

Started total solution today, am feeling VERY tired but not suffering too much with the hunger, yet! Had a vanilla shake this morning with a spoonfull of instant coffee in, and a bar for lunch. Have drunk about 2 litres of tap water so far, plus a 500ml bottle of fizzy water and just had a big mug of weak boullion to warm me up :D

I really have to clean and tidy my kitchen up, my whole family came this weekend and lots of cooking took place, but I am a bit scared to go in there and be surrounded by the F word, LOL. Might persuade lovely husband to do it when he gets in :p

Anyway, hope I can find some support here, haven't told many people in 'real life' that I am doing the diet, hoping to get away with it discreetly! And I hope I can help others too :)

Jen x
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Welcome Jen:welcome2:

Good luck with Exante and it sounds like you are doing very well so far on your first day.

You need to take it easy for the first few days or week as it takes your body time to adjust to the diet...great idea to get hubby to do the washing up and cleaning:D

Be sure to get him to take some before photos and do your body measurements as the weight will drop off at a rapid speed and it is good to have them for your own records.


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Hello Jen and welcome. Your story reminds me a bit of myself. I've always been big, and my starting weight in October was 305, the same as yours. This site is great, the support is fantastic and the diet really does work. Good luck as you get started, it's worth persevering through those first few days when you really don't feel so good.
Hope all goes well, welcome and good luck :)
Hi JennieC!

Welcome and good luck!

Sounds like you're doing a grand job so far, role on day 4 when it gets easier! Use this site to have a rant when needed - it's seriously helped me through my first week!

Anyway, good luck! :D
Thanks guys!

Mini: Good idea about the photos, I will get DH to do them this evening :)

Cybill: I had noticed that we had the same start weight! I have been lurking around the forum for a couple of weeks before I started so have seen you around, I loved your idea I saw on another thread about getting a balloon for each stone lost! Genius :D

Nicky: Thanks hun :) I am not struggling too much today, am very thirsty so am not having any problems drinking the water, I am hungry but I think I had read so much on here about the first days that I was expecting worse!

So I have now done a whole day and a bit, and am still alright. Had a tomato soup last night with a little salt added and a few chilli flakes, I assume this is ok to do? I made it up with more water than they said too so it filled my bowl up :D

Last night was a bit difficult in that I was pretty hungry about an hour after my soup, I went and had a bath (no food in the bathroom!) and was in bed with my book by half 8! DH was happy with this as he'd had to work in London yesterday so had got on a train at about 6am and was shattered! I slept for ages, 9 hours (I normally only manage 6) but feel alright today.

Getting up was a bit of a mission, felt like I had a hangover haha but the man arrived to do my internet at 8am which jumped me out of bed pretty quick! Managed to drink about 75cl of water before I even left my bedroom and then had a banana shake for breakfast. I put a couple of spoonfulls of it in my black tea and it didnt make a bad milk substitute, so its nice to know on the days I have banana or vanilla shakes I can have "white" tea :)

Have just been drinking water all morning and playing with my new fast internet, but am gonna go jump in the shower now and do some work. I am studying to be a solicitor so have lots to do! I am in college all day tomorrow and am a bit worried about driving there as I was spaced out on Tuesday driving and tomorrow will probably be worse :( I looked at trains but I have to carry so many books and folders I don't know if it will be worse. How have other people found day 3 compared to day 2 etc?

Sorry for a long rambling post! I am sure as the diet wears on I will run out of things to say ;)

Jen xxx
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Ha, I never run out of things to say and update my diary about 4 times a day. And I'm almost on week 3!! That's what this diary/forum is for. It's really helpful to put everything down.

Day 3 is the pits for me. By far the worst day. And then magically on day 4, it's all OK and you feel re-born!! Good luck, you're doing really well x
Thanks Jubbly :) I just read your diary from start to finish haha and managed to distract myself from eating for the duration! Cup of tea and toffee nut and raisin bar now. I noticed you said you work in court sometimes, what is it you do? (you don't have to tell me haha)

Jen x


Loves Minimins long time
I'm a Youth Offending Team Practitioner - basically a probation officer but for kids under 18 - and my job includes covering court duties and working with judges and magistrates. I used to work in prisons and loved it but my colleagues here are great and really supportive about the diet :D. Couldn't ask for better.

Glad the diary distracted you. I'm always on Minis distracting myself but at the mo I've got the hunger under control hurrah! xx
Ah that's a cool job Jubbly. I'm training to be a solicitor and want to practice in criminal when I get a training contract so it's not dissimilar :) I am on the lookout for voluntary Appropriate Adult work at the police station too, but might wait until after my exams!

Well done for having the hunger under control, mine isnt so bad since my bar, I now have to face the huge amount of work I need to get done for tomorrow :( xx


Doing it exante style :)
Hiya Jen

Just thought I'd drop by and say hello and good luck :)
I'm sure you'll find you'll become addicted to minimins over the next few days :)

Hiya sounds like you're doing really well!! I'm on day 2 and doing ok, bit spacey at times and the odd rumble in my tummy but it's all pretty bearable!

I used to be a mental health nurse and have worked in a male prison in London.. all good fun! I was very slim back in those days as I never stopped lol
Thanks Clair :) I am already a bit addicted!!

I know what you mean Keely about being spaced out, I keep walking into the door frame when trying to leave the room! Bearable is about right, I think if I thought I was going to feel this way long term then it would be harder to stick to, but as I am hoping for ketosis as soon as poss I can just keep telling myself to hold on till then, and hopefully I won't have such an urge to eat all the food in the house haha.

Jen xxx
Thanks Clair!

Had the thai chicken soup for dinner which was nice, once I got over my original panic that it wasn't ok for veggies! I soon realised that it is. Strange how they can make something taste like chicken with no chicken in it :rolleyes:

Am now gonna have a bath and watch secret millionaire on catch up :)
Hi Jennie

Lol @you walking into the door frame... I have done the same thing about 5 times today! Plus I have bumped into hubby a few times which really annoys him lol
Not tried the chicken soup yet, had mushroom earlier though and really enjoyed it.

Keep it up x
I am kind of clumsy anyway :D so my husband is used to it, it's just more frequent! I had a lovely bath :) I am very clean on this diet, baths every night instead of cooking haha. Husband is so far pretty much dealing with his own food, though I have told him I will reconsider my cooking embargo once I am in ketosis properly lol. Now a nice cup of boullion to warm me up and fill my tummy before bed!

Night night girls :)

Jen xxx
Day 3

Feeling a bit rough today :( headachey and still hungry, though very very cold so surely cannot be too far from ketosis?

Had a strawberry shake for breakfast, didn't add anything to it and it was quite nice :) then a chocolate orange bar for lunch which I am not as keen on as the toffee nut ones, but am making myself alternate so I don't end up with loads I don't like at the end of the month, hehe.

Am feeling very tempted to weigh myself today, to try and cheer myself up, but am worried that it wont be a big loss yet, or that it is but then it doesn't change between now and next Tuesday! I feel slimmer in that I am not bloated by food at all, so my tummy is flatter than normal, and clothes feel a little looser, but we will see. If it comes to a battle between the temptation to weigh and the temptation to eat, then I will give in to weighing!!

Gonna try a new soup for tea, they are my favourite thing I think so far, but then I much prefer savoury things :)

Also if it wasn't for boullion I would be struggling a lot more! Been having about 3 mugs a day with a teaspoon of boullion in and a dash of tabasco, it's like a mini soup snack in the afternoon and then before bed, and keeps me WARM!

Speaking of warm, I might just go snuggle in bed with my book for an hour or so until my husband comes home :D

Jen xxx
Hiya, sorry you're having a bit of a struggle today. I feel a bit weak and wobbly today, just really tired. This is all sooooooo going to be worth it though when we look like supermodels lol
Keely - I think I am too short to ever be a supermodel!! haha


Today has not been so good either :( had a bit of a wobble this afternoon and a cry about feeling hungry and spacey and headachey and generally rubbish. Lovely husband made me feel better though, made me go have a shower and gave me lots of hugs. Have perked up now after a lovely cup of boullion and am gonna go to the shops in a bit I think and get some Sainsbury's diet cream soda, as we had a bit in the house that my sister left here, and there's no sugar or citric acid in it! Hurrah! Just something interesting to drink will be nice :)

Have now tried nearly one of everything in my bumper pack, had a chocolate milkshake made with more water and ice and extra coffee in for breakfast, was ok, could have done with being sweeter I think and I don't even have a sweet tooth! Don't have any sweetner though so just had to drink it hehe. Then a toffee nut bar for lunch which are my fave ones :D

Vegetable soup for tea then, but not for a while. Think I'm gonna go to the cinema tomorrow as normally we have a football match on a Saturday but we've been moved to Monday evening for the telly.

Jen xxx
Hi Jen
Don't worry hon, day 4 for me today too and I had to eat some ham as I thought I was going to faint. I have been really weak and just camped out on the sofa all day watching the royal spectacle!!

Just had a bath and hairwash which has refreshed me. WHat's the cream soda like? My hubby treated me to Dr pepper zero earlier and it's really nice.

Fingers crossed ketosis sets in for us tomorrow x

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