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  1. fat_2_fabulous

    fat_2_fabulous Silver Member

    ok i think my pics r on this thread somewhere but i cant find em, and to be honest the way im feeling about my weight is quite low at the min so these pics are back on to try lift my spirits..

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  3. Caloriefree

    Caloriefree Full Member

    Wow you look hott hun! love ur display picture. How much have you lost?
  4. shrinkingannie

    shrinkingannie Gold Member

    You look fantastic - be proud and confident!!!
  5. fat_2_fabulous

    fat_2_fabulous Silver Member

    i got down from nearly 19 to 12 7...back up to 13 10 two years later but im on ww now. thanks guys xx
  6. georgie12345

    georgie12345 Full Member

    Wow you look fab - the change is amazing. I'm sure you still look great :)
  7. JD89

    JD89 Full Member

    You look amazing!! :D
  8. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome back!

    You have done very well and you are so right to nip it in the bud if you can before it goes any further as it is so easy to move up another stone!

    Here is the link to a thread with a good few photos on. I think this might be the one you were looking for?

    some more before and afta
    hey gang how r u all. long time. ive found more pics for u to look at from my 7 stone journey...

    me on the right




    [​IMG]from diff years u can tell my the diff doos

    and now ........






    still tryin to lose but its soo hard!!!!!!

  9. lalliali

    lalliali xPink Princess!x

    ur an insipration! <3
  10. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    WOW!! what an absolute stunner, you look absolutely fantastic.
  11. Falafel

    Falafel Full Member

    Wow! You look great! x
  12. azeegirl

    azeegirl Wants to be skinny

    Wow! :eek: You look amazing! Good job!
  13. vgstar44

    vgstar44 Full Member

    You look like a million dollas chick!

  14. Faery

    Faery ♥ On the road to a new me

    You look sooo different! Amazing transformation, well done!!
  15. scottye87

    scottye87 Getting there....

    Wow u look great hun, well done! x
  16. Zentje

    Zentje Full Member

    Wowwwwww, u look amazingggggg. How many lbs did u lost in how many months??? What's ur secret? Any tips and advice that u can give to me.
  17. HeatOfTheMoment

    HeatOfTheMoment New Member

    That is amazing!!! you look GREAT!!

    thanks for posting the pics it's really motivational :)
  18. PurpleS

    PurpleS Member

    Well done for doing so well hun!!
  19. Alyssa

    Alyssa Full Member

    You look sensational honey, although to be fair you were very beautiful before too.

    Well done on the weight you have lost and good luck with the weight you want to shift now xx
  20. fat_2_fabulous

    fat_2_fabulous Silver Member

    hey ppl! sorry i got off the site and havent seen these. thanks for commenting! its been nearly 3 yrs but i have put a stone back on! cant complain tho but it is hard! hope u al ok xx
  21. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    You've done really well love, nice to see you post again. :)

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