Here's a great thought!


Got a life thank you!
Someone said this to my sister in work the other day and she told me today and I have to say I 100% agree. Not that I am thin yet by any stretch of the imagination but I am now seeing rolls of fat that I never saw before I started this diet - and they must have been huge then!

When you are fat you see yourself thinner than you really are. When you are thin, you see yourself fatter than you really are.
Sheesh - how profound and, in my case certainly, how true!!!

At my heaviest (nearly 22st) I KNEW I was big but was still genuinly shocked if I ever saw myself in a photo or on video. I never FELT as big as I LOOKED.
Maybe that's why I hated being filmed because watching it back was too painful as it forced me to see myself how others saw me.

Now I'm over 9st lighter, I look down at my stomach and all I can see is what looks like a 9 month pregnant bump! I'm very, very self-conscious of it even though I see many other women with a similar shape.
Mad isn't it!
What a great saying! Thanks for sharing. :)

Like Debbie.. I never truly realised how big i was.. and was shocked by a shopping mall mirror! when it showed such a short fat person and it was ME!! :eek:
HMMMMMMM, have to agree with this one, I would always dress carefully to hide the lumps and bumps but was careful to avoid full length mirrors and will still do anything to avoid photos. Still feel very self concious all the time and I really hope that gets better. When I saw a family photo of me at my heaviest I was really shocked and so depressed. What a pity how we look defines how we feel.
Very Very true!!!
I remember looking at 2 photos of myself - a thin one and a fat one ;) I remember when i had them taken and when i was slim (size 12) i thought i was hugely fat. I used to breathe in when my hubby hugged me so he didnt feel my 'fat' tummy.
The when the second one was taken i definately didnt think i looked as fat as i was. I knew i was a size 20 but still thought of myself as the girl in the 'thin' picture.

Looking at the 2 photos side by side i realise just how much my thoughts were misguided!!!!!!

hoping i can appreciate my body when i get to goal!!!!
I've been thinking that too.

I used to sometimes get up to nearly 12 stone and in my "thin" days that seemed huge and horrendous. I used to mostly be around 11 stone, was a size 12/14 (at 5 foot 6) but used to wear baggy size 18 trousers to cover up.

I keep wishing I could travel back in time and tell that girl she wasn't overweight at all and had a nice figure- yep,not as skinny as some of her mates or celebs on the telly, but a nice figure.

If I knew I'd have stayed at that weight. Instead of getting up to over fourteen stone but convincing myself I was just a bit overweight and "really" a size 16 despite bursting out of 18s.

Now I'm 12 stone 10 ish and know that when I'm down to nearly 12 stone I won't be obese- just a bit overweight.