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HEXB - Scan Bran


For a HEXB on green you can have 5 scan bran, if I actually end up having less than that in the day can I still count them as my HEXB or should I syn them?

Yesterday I had:

Breakfast - apple, banana, 2 scan bran
Lunch - homemade spiced carrot soup, celery&carrot sticks
Dinner - Brocolli & cheese pasta n sauce (1/2) with tuna, sweetcorn, 1 l.cow light triangle (1.5) and quark. Mullerlight.

HexA - Milk (tea/coffee)
HexB - tuna and scan bran?


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the answer to that is no you have to eat them all or syn them so if you ate 3 then that is 3 syns. If you are only going to need 3 as a hex why not go for ryvita or the crisprolls instead. We were not advised to eat 5 scan bran as we would end up on loo all day lol.
Have a look at the lists as some ryvitas are 4 and I like them all so if you like the scan bran I would assume you will like them too and the crisprolls are yummy I used to eat them all the time when I did weightwatchers lol
scan bran are definately 1 syn each now if you go to online syns it will tell you but some recepies have not been ammended accordingly so be aware


ok thanks I had one with breakfast to go with porridge as it says you should is that still right then :confused: now they have gone up or do I syn the other 1/2.

I know it sounds silly and sad being so precise, but I have to stick to plan as close as can be :eek::eek: especially so early in on the plan.

thank you for any help :D


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On another board there is a consultant who says that this question comes up regularly at SW training update sessions and the answer is always that you do NOT have to syn it if you use less than the quoted amount for a HE. The HEs are there not because they will help your weight loss but to ensure a healthy balanced diet, so you should try and have the full amount for that reason alone.

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