hey all little info please ?


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Hi Unhappy Green Eyes

I go to the gym every night after I finish work and I love it (although for the first few weeks I hated it hehe) a good gym routine combined with a good diet works wonders.

As for recommendations it varies with every individual as everyones body is different but generally what I'd recommend is a combination of cardio and weight training

heres a decent article about the benefits of combining both cardio and weights for you - hope this is of some help!

Burn More Fat - How to Burn More Fat - Burn More Fat with Weights


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I go to the gym 3 - 4 times a week for 30 minute sessions. I walk for 10 minutes (+2 cool down) on the treadmill, cycle for 10 minutes (+2 cooldown) and use the elliptical for 10 minutes (+2 cool down). On alternating days I do my Biggest Loser Workout DVD, this focuses on aerobics and weights. I dont think you are supposed to do weights daily, which is my reason for alternating.

It seems to be working for me. I can see definition forming in my upper arms, legs and shoulders.