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Hey all, newbie here! Moral support & advice needed!

Hey all,

I have decided to start LT next Wednesday (a week today) after hearing about it from a friend and reading this forum. I am 5ft 7 and 13st 9 (which makes me clinically obese - eek! :() and would like to lose 4st. I have a totally realistic outlook on it and I know it is going to be difficult, but from reading this forum and seeing all the wonderful success stories I am feeling so motivated to do this! I am just going to take things slowly - start off with the intention of just doing one week to give it a try and see how I go from there! I think I have a pretty good grasp on how it works but have two questions:
*Is it safe to exercise while on LT? (I have a gym membership and currently do a 45 min cardio work-out twice a week)
*Do people tend to end up with saggy skin due to losing weight so fast?

Apart from those questions, I think I'm just about ready! If you think I can do it, give me a 'hell yeah!' :D Any other advice and support would be much appreciated. Thanks for listening x
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Stick with it. It will be tough at first, but it gets easier. WATER WATER WATER...is the key to sucess.

I never got saggy skin....I lost 47lbs, but I think if you are bigger and lose more then it is a posibility. Its still worth it to be healthy.


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Hello and welcome to the forum. Stick with it. It will be tough at first, but it gets easier. WATER WATER WATER...is the key to sucess.
^^^ what madam said :D

Welcome aboard :) lol you are an inch taller than me & exactly my weight now after 12 weeks in :eek:
Wow thanks for the speedy replies! You have both done so well, congratulations! Hopefully I will be able to do just as well. I have done WW and Slimming World in the past. I had great results with WW about 6 years ago but unfortunately due to a change in lifestyle I put on all the 3st that I lost. I have tried again many times since but juts can't get back into it so I feel like I need a totally new and fresh approach, which hopefully LT will provide. (Besides I have just seen Gordon Ramsey eat a raw puffin's heart on TV - that is enough to put me off proper food for life!!! How gross and wrong! Yeuch!:eek:). Thanks again for the replies xx


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Hi BB and welcome to bestest forum in the world ever for the bestest diet in the world ever!! :D

Well done for making the decision to start LT... it really is a fab diet and the amazing, reliable weight loss will keep you motivated. As you will know from reading posts on here, the first week is the hardest but after that you'll be flying! So stick with it and take each day at a time, every day you'll be that bit closer to the new you. And you know that if you have any questions, concerns, or just want a rant, you will get support and advice here - not to mention a kick up the butt if you need it! :D

Regarding exercise, I have only just started going back to the gym this week - I've been on LT for 2 weeks now so I avoided it altogether for the first week - give your body that chance to get used to the new diet before putting additional pressure on it. I would say that after the first week, go for it. I was concerned I might struggle or feel lightheaded or something but I have felt absolutely fine while exercising. Just do as much as you are able and you'll be fine. Don't forget, that every calorie you are burning can only come from your fat reserves, as your body is getting less from LT than it needs per day just to keep you going, so anything else that burns extra calories is a bonus! :D

I can't answer the saggy skin question though, haven't lost enough yet! Exercise should help with that though, as well as plenty of water. I have also bought some bio-oil in case that will help.

Good luck hunni!

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Good 2 have u onboard! :)

I would leave exercise for week 1 and then just see how u go... I was at the gym tonight and went for it for an hour - and felt super! Your body does have the energy but you need to drink so much water when u exercise!

Also I have lost 2st 10 pounds and have another 12 pounds to go - i have done some body contour wraps, used slendertone belt and now starting some serious toning sessions in the gym. I think drinking loads of water and putting creams on will also help your skin to keep elastic.

Hope u do really well on this diet - its awesome and it has transformed my life - its amazing what a few months can do! And the best thing is time flies and it really is easy and enjoyable once u get into it - stick with it - and after your first weigh in you will be buzzing!



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Well done for choosing LT and good luck on starting next week! I love this diet!
I have been told that you are not supposed to go to the gym whilst on it (or aerobics etc) as your body won't have the sufficient whatevers (so well informed me!) to cope with it and it may cause fainting etc, I wasn't told this by chemist tho so probably best to ask when you go! I have lost over 9 stone and as for the saggy skin, not really, got slight bingo wings (arms) bit of a saggy belly (less than when was fat!) and my only real saggy bits are my thighs which I am not worried about as the rest has caught up with the weight loss and gradually shrunk back, it should be ok with less than 5 stone to lose but skin always takes longer than fat. take care and hope that helps.
T x


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Hi Bumbleboo and welcome to the forum. I wish u the best of luck with the diet. Like the others said i would give ur body a week or even 2 just to get used to the state of ketoses.
Loose skin, well for me i have quite a lot on my tummy and the area under my arms, above my breasts but ive had 4 pregnancys, 2 in the last 2 years so i put it down to that. My doctor said not to worry and to give my body about 6 months to adjust to its new shape. I think ive lost about 63 lbs on LT but over 100lb has gone since Feb. (being preggers) I wouldn't worry about loose skin. Its more important to have a healthy bmi.
Water is really the key. Lots and lots of the stuff.
Good to have u onboard. Looking forward to calling u a big looser ......lol.

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