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Hey everyone! :) from WW Newbie


Up for the challenge
Hey everyone!

My name is Sarah and I am new to the site although I have been sneakily reading all your hints and tips for a few weeks now.

I started WW on 20th April and so far it seems to be going okay. I have always been on the big side but hopefully that is all about to change, with time of course :).

I am generally a very happy and bubbly kind of person and I think that losing this extra weight can only make things better for me. I feel like my life is just beginning (i'm 22 and just graduated) and I don't want anything to hold me back.

I am currently following the WW programme at home but have bought some of the books and should be getting my pedometer any day now. (I'm looking forward to joining the pedometer challenge) My boyfriend's mum and two sisters in law are also following WW so I'm very lucky that I have a lot of people looking out for me.

I have often been on diets over the years but this is the most positive I have ever felt so the key seems to be, as ever, to keep my motivation high. You guys all seem like great people and the help and support you give each other it just awesome.

So my aim is to lose weight, get healthier, be the support for others, be supported in return and hopefully make some friends along the way!!

Thanks for reading and hopefully see you around the forum.

*Saski* :) xXxXx

P.S If anyone could tell me how I can put a tracker on my profile and generally make it a bit more exciting that'd be wicked! Cheers m'dears
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Hi there!
Wecome to Minimins and well done on sticking to it so far and, of course on your Graduation.
You'll be all slinky by the Autumn!
Cathy x


Is in the Zone
Hi Saski

Welcome to the forum. You will find loads of support here!

I'm not 100% sure, but I think you have to have a few more posts before you can jazz up your post. But have a try anyway. To get a tracker, just click on someone else's to get the link to a tracker site, and fill in your details. The website will give you some http to post into forums, just chuck that on your tracker. (Hmm actually I think there's probably a more comprehensive guide on the tech support forum ... yep there is it's here: Tutorials - MiniMins.com - Weight Loss Support Forum)

Anyway - good luck with WW, it's so much easier when people around you are doing the same diet!

I look forward to reading about your losses!



Up for the challenge
Hey lucysmommy, Cathy and Twiggy,

Thank you very much for your welcome and words of encouragement in feels great to be part of such a friendly support network.

Well done all of you on your weight loss to date! That's fantastic.

I'm looking to join a team at some point can anyone recommend the best way to go about joining one?

Thanks everyone.

*Saski* xx


I'm going to be slim
Good luck on your WW journey Saski
I've just started and am constantly looing in the books at point values at the moment


Up for the challenge
Hey RecoveringChocoholic,

Thank you very much! Good luck to you too! Tehe I was exactly the same with the books but now I seem to be a walking book. I'm sure I must talk about the points value for things in my sleep these days :).

How you finding your points so far, as you've just started?

Once you get into it you'll be flying. Keep me up to date with how you get on!

*Saski* xxx


in the zone!
Hi there and welcome to minimins!! You'll soon be addicted to the site!;)

Good luck on your weight loss journey! You're doing really well and this site will help you so much. There have been times when I have wanted to give up and thought whats the point, but then the lovely ladies and gents on here rally round, pick you up and make you see you can do this and that everyone is behind you and with you 100% of the way!!:grouphugg:

Good luck and stay in touch, let us know how you get on. Oh and don't be affraid to ask stupid questions, I do it all the time. :p

Good luck!!!! :D
Hi saski, welcome and good luck. you will soon be addicted to this site- i am supposed to be upstairs packing for a weekend away, but no, here i am!! you'll love it and soon get the hang of things


Up for the challenge
Hey bear, mommyb and less rotund one,

Thank you so much for your kind wishes and encouragement I can definitely see me making a lot of good friends on this site.

Bear I am very likely to ask many stupid questions over the next few months so I'm glad to meet someone who will encourage me to do so. It looks like we have a similar amount of weight to lose as well so it'll be really good to help keep each other on track :)

MommyB are you off anywhere nice for the weekend? I hope you have a lovely time. I have no doubt i will be very addicted to the site soon just like you :)

I may definitely need that kick from time to time so I will take you up on that Rosie! :p

Thank you again ladies.

Talk to you soon. x x


Needs a kick
Welcome and good luck. Minimins is fab your'll love it xx


Up for the challenge

Thanks for the welcome Ugg! Well done on your weight loss so far. I love your sit up targets what a fab idea i might have to join you in that challenge.

Hey bear you are very welcome for the rep you deserve it! I hope your day picks up m'dear! Nearly the weekend! Yay :)

Take care x x
hey Saski - i know its late, i was certain i had written in here already but seems i havent - how rude of me i am very sorry about that! :p

well done on your 11lbs so far - thats really good :) why don't you join some of us (me, bear, GD, chelle) in our 1st weightloss race while you wait to join a team? :) we have a couple of weeks on you, but don't worry - look at my ticker.. you would still have an advantage over me :D (why i am grinning i dont know, but gotta be positive about these things! :D) xxx


Up for the challenge
Hey blackwidow thanks for your post! Better late than never :p tehe.

No seriously thank you for your support. I would love to join your challenge will the other girlies if that’s okay? Where do I sign up? If you have a couple of weeks on me, like you say, that will just mean I have to work that little bit harder :D. Well done on your weight loss so far that’s fab. I can’t wait till I start to see those sorts of numbers. I’m already fairly addicted to minimins and was really pleased I got some rep feedback earlier. Yay! So I think I am settling in for the long haul. :D

Hope you have a lovely weekend (although I will clearly be on here tomorrow as well so maybe talk to you then :) )

*Saski* xx
just set yourself up a ticker.. we dont have a thread atm.. maybe i should make one?

am i right in thinking your WI day is a monday? if so, its just before mine :) (tuesday) so it'll be good competition to see how each other is doing! :D xxx


Up for the challenge
Ok i will get on to setting up a ticker now. Yep you are absolutely right my WI day is Monday. Maybe a thread would be a good idea. I don't think I have met/ spoken to everyone on the challenge yet. Nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition m'dear :D xx


Up for the challenge
Argh Rach I can't put another ticker in my signature at the moment. Do you know how many more posts I need to do before the space is extended? I will try again tomorrow. Night night xx


Gold Member
I think it is 50 posts for more signature space.

If you look in Intrductions there is a sticky which is a guide to the sir. Worth a read.

Well done on thelosses
Irene x

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