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Hey everyone....I'm going on LL again!!


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*SIGH* I have to admit defeat and will be starting back on abstinence on Monday or Tuesday next week. I lost 8 stone last year AND did the full 12 week RTM but have still but back almost 2 stone and am gutted!!! Whats WRONG with me...I could see the few pounds creeping on then they would go again but I cant deny this any longer. Am so upset....but at least I've come to the right place for support :eek::(
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LL for me again!!!!

Hi Twinny,

Same happened to me, felt fantastic when I lost 6 stone, but thought I didn't need to do the maintenance (stupid I know), so, slowly the weights been creeping on, I've put on about 3 stone now, I'm so upset:cry:, just my pure laziness not doing anything about it. I've just e-mailed a counsellor to rejoin. Did you have to get another signed letter from the doctor, I don't fancy the embarrassment of going cap in hand for another one. Keep the updates coming about your weight loss, it will be good for you and great encouragement for me.


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G: 49.9kg
Thanks Catbriggs :)

I dont need to get another signed letter because I never really 'stopped' going to my counsellor. I didn't go to classes anymore but I did go about once a month or so to pick up packs as I still have one for breakfast everyday. I'm just worried that I learned NOTHING during my time on LL and that I wont learn anything this time round either. So as soon as I come off abstinence again I'll start to re-gain the weight, then I'll reach 10st and go back on LL again and so on and so on forever....sorry to sound so negative but I'm not in a good place right now and am feeling sorry for my fat self. I feel as though everyone is looking at me saying "ha - knew she wouldn't keep it off"

I know I'm being paranoid but I just cant BELIEVE I have to go back into complete abstinence. I tried LLL but kept cheating so I know I need the rigid boundaries of complete abstinence but I just dont think I can bear to do it again. I know I have to though so its time to grit my teeth, stop whinging and get on with it!


I will do this!
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hi twinny, I'm no expert but wanted to say I don't think you are a failure, you haven't put all the weight back on and you have been trying to lose what you have gained. You have just realised you need a bigger step to lose the weight you have put back on. I see this as a possitive. You have recognised a problem and are doing something to make it right so well done you and good luck with the first few days.
Well done for coming back girls. Don't feel like a failure. You know you can do it. It won't take half as l,ong this time.
Twinny, don't be defeatist. There's no reason why you should put the weight on again afterwards. Think of this as an investment in you for your future.
Learn the lessons, lose the weight, then do RTM and you'll be sorted for life.
Good luck.


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G: 49.9kg
Thank so much for the support girls I really appreciate (and need!) it. It's just highlighting that I hadn't learned as much as I thought I had - I've just eaten something that I haven't touched in 18 months just because I know I'm going abstinent again on Tuesday!! Bad crooked thinking - I being positive though and am looking forward to having that 'clean' feeling inside again if you know what I mean :D:rolleyes:
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Hey Twinny!!! :) Welcome back. So sorry to hear you have struggled - but good on you - and others :) - for coming back. That is the best thing to do. It would be so easy to shrug it off and say "oh well", but you have all chosen to do something - so good on ya's!!

Good luck with all your restarts - just recall all those reasons why you did this the first time around and draw strengthfrom that. You can do this!!!

Good luck :) :)
Hi Twinny
I am restarting too, the LLC I contacted told me as I have been on LL before I don't need my doctor to sign another form as long as there have been no changes to my health and I need to complete a form when I go next week confirming that.
Good luck

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