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Hey, first day on SS... bit confused!


is going to do this!
Hey everyone :) First post, first thread! :)

I hope you're all doing well, I met my CDC yesterday for the first time (who was really lovely) and am starting the Sole Source programme TODAY officially! I want to lose 3 stone 11 pounds... :eek:... but keep feeling like CD won't work for me for some reason and I won't lose weight, anyone else feel like this when they first started? :confused:

A few questions... firstly, I was just wondering in regards to cups of tea (without milk) - do they count as part of your daily water intake?
Also, time between each ''meal'', what do people suggest? Obviously it varies from person to person, but anyone find a common time they tend to get hungry? I think for me it might be the evening...

Anyway I hope you're all doing well, this is my first ever diet (I was 8 and a half stone til 2 years ago!) so I hope it goes well... I wish you all the luck and hope you meet all your goals :)
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Welcome Luci. CD DOES work... there's plenty of evidence on the forums to prove that... but we have probably all had our doubts at the very start. Jump in and make a start... I guarantee by your first weigh-in you'll be convinced!

I have always counted tea/coffee as part of my water intake, but not certain if that's right... and as you say, space between meals is personal. I had one pack early, one at midday or one, one at six... but some people save a couple till evenings, if that is their danger zone. You can divide a pack into two, as well, to space out over afternoon or have with coffee say (try vanilla or choc or butterscotch) for a latte type drink.

Good luck, you'll find lots of support on here!

Hi Luci,
Congratulations on making the best decision you will ever make.

According the the cd website, black tea does count as part of your fluid allowance but some people say it should be clear fluids....

As Katie say's we are all individual regarding when we have our packs, I never eat until at least midday, and i have one meal 5.30 ish and one about 7.. this works for me as I have always been an evening eater.
I'm sure you will do great ont he diet, BUT get your motivations very clear in your head, as this journey isn't an easy one if you hate it all the way! If you can find some fun in the diet (a suggestion by Icemoose) the diet will be so much more enjoyable, and a lot easier..

Good luck with your first week!


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Hi Luci

I am also one of those whose danger zone is evenings ( because i am not busy then and so my mind strays to food and drink) so I have my first pack around 12 ( usually a porrige ) , second pack - a soup with los of fresh ground pepper around 5 and then a frozen tetra or hot choc/mint shake in the evening

however i am on probably my 50th time doing cd lol

so the one piece of advice i am going to give you is this --- make your first time on cd the one and only and last time!! the first time you do cd is the easiest - you may not believe it but i know others will back me up - it really is

make it work for you so you NEVER have to start again!

good luck


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Yep it definitely works :clap: Stick to the programme and you can't help but lose weight.

Tea and coffee doesn't officially count towards your fluid intake.

As for spacing out the packs, it's entirely up to you. I'm a grazer, so I split my packs into six.

Brekke: 1/2 tetra in my big coffee (surprisingly satisfying)
Mid Morning: tother half 'neat'
Lunch: 1/2 soup
Mid afternoon: 1/2 shake (though once on the bars, I had half a bar here)
Dinner: 1/2 soup
Mid Evening: 1/2 shake (but again, when I had bars, I had the other half of the bar then)

I was forever 'eating' :D I did the whole diet on SS with 3 packs, but by splitting it, there was never too long before something was due.

Whatever suits.

All the very best with CD. Fab diet :clap:

Oh, porridge wasn't around when I did the diet :(

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