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Hi Sally, welcome to the forum! Good luck for your first day tomorrow :)
hi sally welcome and good luck. This is definitely the place to be for inspiration and motivation, so keep coming on!! I have a diary on here that i just started as i have only been taking the tablets for a week!! I am hoping it helps.. Dont worry about the side effects you only get them if you eat too much fat, so once you stick to a low fat diet you should be ok.
thanks for the welcome :D think going to need all the motivation that can get as will power is my problem :D will keep coming back as good to chat to other people going through the same thing. just wondering thou as a bit confused. when looking at the nutritional bit of a packet is it 5g or less per 100g that we are looking for? as was looking at a low fat meal tonight and it said 2.6g per 100g but 17% RDA so very confused now
Yes i think so, i am only new to this too, so still finding it confusing myself!! There is a page on here that explains it all..I will go and check what its called.. I have a huge problem with will power but since starting these tablets i'm not finding it too bad i think its because i am scared of the side effects..
right i have it

The 5g rule?..

You should stick to foods with 5g or less of fat per 100g of product , sounds hard but its surprising how many things you can actually eat.. and if your like me you will freak when you see just how much fat the foods you used to eat actually have *gulps* LOL.. and you should stick to 15g or less of fat in total per meal , again it sounds daunting but its not so hard.

Side effects?

People always asking about side effects and why there havent had any?? remember xenical isnt a miricle pill its just to keep you on the straight with your diets.. if your sticking to the above rule ^^^ then more then likely you wont get any side effects at all. but please remember everyones different and certain things may give you trouble when its fine for the next person.. im afraid most things are trial and error.... Salmon is a bad one for me because xenical cant determined bad oils from good so just gets rid =[.. lol.... and on the otherhand if your eating badly then you will have to deal with the side effects.

How long does xenical take to work..

Again everyones different but from my own and friends expieriences id say its approx 5-7 days to get into the body so dont be disheartened if you have just took your first pill and nothings happened .. good things come to those who wait =]


is it important? YES! .. ive noticed that people on xencial that are not as active lose between 1-3lbs a week but those that are more active loose more .... so even if its cleaning or walking exercise is a must with these pills.
thanks for that :D will look for per 100g thing when shopping then. that is why i think these tablets are going to work as scared of the side effects too :D
i am not looking forward to "oily flatulance" as it is worded on the leaflet :eek: loving the sound of orangy poos :rolleyes: i dont think. another problem i have is i have a terrible sweet tooth, any tips on how to solve that with a nasty side effect?
muller light yogurts, or meringues with them.. they are fat free. Most sweets are fat free just watch the sugar and the calories in them. The special K bars are satisfying my sweet tooth at the moment, the chocolate chip ones are lovely!!
Aw, hope everything goes good for you sally. I want to start Xenical and have a Dr's appointment on Thurs. Is there any reason I wouldn't be perscribed it??
i cant see why not. i just asked my dr for it and after a weight and height check she said yes and gave me a prescription. i guess if you had any other serious health conditions they might say no (heart/lung/kidney problems) but other than that i would think they would let you go on them. good luck for your dr's appointment
Oh good then. I have nothing wrong with me besides being obviously over weight. Thanks hun! x


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I like to eat the 'pink and whites' marshmallow in wafer things, have you heard of them? They're good for a sweet tooth, or iced gems, the little biscuits with icing on the top, they're only about 97 calories per pack and are within the fat rule.

My doctor asked me to lose 2kg (just over 4lbs) before she would prescribe me the pills, but most other people have said their doctor just prescribed them right away, so I can't see why they wouldn't let you have them :)
Ok, good. Well I've been losing a bit by myself but I think that they'd help me. Maybe. Hopefully she just perscribed them. :)


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Yep, I definitely don't see why she wouldn't. Good luck with it, let us know how you get on! :)
Hehe, aw thanks. I deffinately plan on opening up my own diary on here if she does..Thanks. :D
yeah i know the pink and white wafer things and they are lovely thanks for the tips guys.

binnybee3 good luck for the drs appointment :) just saw you are from bristol, i am from malmesbury :D

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