Hi.. A few questions..


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I normally lurk over in the zen group but I am getting married in July and need to shift some weight quick so opting to do slim fast during the week to save time. I have stocked up as the drums are only 2.99 in boots at the moment. So...

1- I don't normally eat breakfast- is it wise to add in and extra 230 calories when my body isn't used to it to start with or am I ok just having some fruit?

2- do I need to count calories in milk( for coffee etc)?

3- could I have soup less than 230 cals at the weekend( its more of a time thing as I am a teacher) and not put on any weight?

So that's all the queries I have- I'm using mfp to keep track of cals etc
Thanks in advance!
What's everyone's average loses?

Lucy x
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I can only advise on the brekkie question as im not sure about the others, but I would have the shake. Your body needs somthing in the morning, and the shake has the correct amount of calories. If you are after somthing that will keep you full, maybe have the shake and a piece of fruit (I have a satsuma) and use of your snacks for that fruit.

Congratulations on the forthcoming wedding also.
My average loss, well I havnt weighed myself properly yet, as im just doing my first week, but my boyfriend lost 3 stone in 6 months on slimfast x

Purple Hugs

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I think for the plan to work properly you need and are best to stick to it. I've strayed and counted cals the last 4 or 5 months to no avail! lol

Diets are not meant to be tweaked, if you want to do that then counting calories is your best bet. :)

As for the tea / coffee thing you definately need to count these into your day. some people will only consume 1 cup of tea a day others it could be 10 or so forth.. this would vary the missed calories adn therefore your losses.

Good luck and congratulations.