Total Solution Hi All....Im back.....for good! :) x

Hi :)

I came on a year ago in a different name Iwilldoitwithexante..... & unfortunately i didn't do it with Exante as i didn;t manage to get past the first week even though I lost 15lbs on that one week. So here I am again to stick to it as i refuse to have yet another "fat" summer ahead :D

My month worth of shakes are coming in the morning so am re-introducing myself back into the flow of Exante

Good luck to all & any newbies feel free to tag along and we can support each other xxx
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Good luck :)


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Good luck, I restarted about 2 weeks ago, so far so good.


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Good luck, I'm also starting back tomorrow, :)


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Best of luck starting today guys :)
Hi All :eek:) Thank you for the well wishes :DI started on Wednrsday last week 5 day's ago & am

still on track :D Will keep going until at least May. Have 6 stone to go, am over half a stone down in the first week already so fingers crossed :D
Good luck to all & I will keep updated. Am also on facebook using the support page there for Exante xxxx


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I lost 5 stone on LL a few years back. Maintained it for quite some time, but here I am again with 6 stone to lose. Looking forward to all the Minimum support and hearing all the success stories.
I started on Exante last Monday and have lost 10lbs already, and must say I am not missing the 'sessions' attached to LL at all, not to mention the cost.
I will say though, the weigh in was an incentive so I hope the Minimum support will be enough.
Good luck all and I look forward to sharing this journey