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Hi all, new challenge for me.


I started my diet 2 weeks ago on wednesday, i weigh 15 stone 5, i was 15 stone 7 and will be weighing myself again on Tuesday. This is what I am doing to lose weight.

For the first week i did low intensity exercise, now I am doing hard intensity, i work out 6 days a week and also have a full time job that keeps me active as an assistant manager in a shop.

I do 20 minutes aerobic exercise, then a 15 minute run, then a 15 minute cycle, these exercises are on a tread mill and stable exercise bike, then 15 minutes aerobic and then finished off with 10 minutes step and a 5 minute run.

My diet is usually, Bran flakes for breakfast, then i will have a big bowl of muesli for lunch with some fruit, I will eat a meal for dinner, which is usually chicken(no skin) or fish with potatoes and vegtables. When I am watching T.V. and feel like snacking I will eat dry bran flakes rather than chocolate, crisps or biscuits.

I was eating noodles until a few days ago instead of muesli for lunch but i hear the pre packed ones aren't that good for weight loss, plus they left me feeling hungry.

Am I doing the right things? I would also very much appreciate any help or tips anyone has.


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You doing well try put fruit in really good for you I have tub I much through the day also the rower at the gym is really good you will find it hard but you'll soon notice it gets easier and it gives you a all over work out , good luck let us know how you go on.
I'm on sw my third week and in the first two weeks I've list 1 stone x
Thx for the reply, there isn't a sw near me so I will try to do it by common sense, already learning alot by reading up online.

I didn't like fruit apart from bananas but am eating alot now, to be honest I think the reason we don't like certain foods is because were not used to them, i'm starting to like fruit, also drinking 2 litres of water a day rather than none which is what I used to drink.
Yeh lots of water will help and you will need it if going to the gym , I used to go 6 days a week for 1-2 hours but just do 3 days at min once you get into it it's great you feel good when you leave even if a bit tired , let me know how you get on and I'm here if you need any help or just a bit of support
Good luck
I'm not weighing my food but as I used to eat alot of rubbish ( chocolate and crisps etc) I'm sure i'm doing ok, I had a really big bowl of muesli for lunch yesterday with 2 pears, as muesli is all natural ingredients I hope it will be ok.
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Just weighed myself and have lost 3 pounds this week, after all the training and dieting i've done this week I'm not that pleased but at least i'm going in the right direction. Total weight loss 5 pounds.
Didn't lose any weight last week, this weeks weigh in is tomorrow, really hope I have lost weight this week as was very dissapointed last week, if I haven't lost this week I don't know what more I can do as I workout 5 times a week and am really careful what I eat.

Kimmy b

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If you work out you will be loosing fat it's just that muscle weighs more try your waist measurement the weeks you don't loosing. You will prob loos inches when I went to the gym I didn't weigh I just measured inch loss as you turn fat to muscle and it dose weigh in more , good luck this week x x

Kimmy b

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Well done, not been weighed this week as found out three weeks ago I was pregnant but I've now lost the baby so will start a fresh next week good luck this week keep up food work x

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