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Hi All New Kid on the Block

Hi Everyone,

I spent the weekend reading the atkins forum and yesterday decided to give it a go, initially I want to do 2 weeks just to see if I can.

I did have a copy of the book from a few years ago but we moved recently and it is probably in a Box up in the loft, so have been relying on a lot of the advice here and been trawling the net for other ideas.

My menu today:

Breakfast - 2 sausages, 2 Bacon 1 Tomato

Lunch - Was out with work went to a Mexican and I had a chicken Taco salad, didn't eat the taco shell, it was chicken strips, avocado, salad leaves and cucumber and a little bit of tomato.

Dinner I have had a steak with a flat mushroom filled with more mushrooms, philly cheese and spring onions, also had another handful of salad leaves.

Have been drinking loads of water which thankfully I find easy and always have done.

Snacks I have had some sugar free jelly and a mini peperami.

Exercise, not much just a lot of walking around today, I have a WW pedometer and measured just other 5000 steps.

Feel stuffed to the gills and do not fully understand how it all works but I am sure \I will get to grips with it.

I suffer with PCOS and carbs make me gain weight so quickly, I lost 3 stone with WW but it took ages ( 6 months) and I was still prone to carb attacks and I want to escape that madness!!!! I have a lot of weight to lose but I want to take it 14lbs at a time, getting into the next stone means so much to me as just before Christmas I was 17 stones 13lb for 2 days!! Then I lost the plot and various other life changing moments have meant I struggled to get back onto any eating plan.

I have still been going to WW but since Christmas I have gained over a stone ( not good).

Anyway I look forward to getting to know all of you.

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Thank you for the messages, I thought that about the tomatoes, is that why I see a lot more cherry tomatoes mentioned in peoples menu's? I need that book, if I don't get into the loft will have a looksie on Ebay.

I tried the FB link but it takes me to my own home page.

Wendy x
welcome to the madhouse :D


Call me Linzi...
You'll need FaF or Woofy to invite you to the facebook page as its a private group.

As long as you count the tomatoes in yr 20g per day your fine to have them, a medium tomato is roughly 4 carbs. The newly released Atkins book allows them on induction but the older books which most of us are following recommends that you don't have tomatoes until yr on OWL. x

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
Hi Wendy welcome, everyone is so nice and supportive on here and theres so many ideas floating round I'm a newbie too and I'm finding it a breeze.

Good luck on your induction weeks and heres to your next stone gone!
:D Helllooooooo Wendy.....welcome to craziness hun x x


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Hi Wendy,

I'm another newbie and I've been made so welcome on here, it's nice to have a bit of support.

So welcome and good luck luck with your loss.
Hi Wendy and welcome love. You'll like it round here. :)


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Hi Wendy,
Fab place to be on here, I joined a month ago and the support has been fantastic! :)


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Hi Wendy and welcome the wonderful of dieting and eating nice food :D


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Hello Wendy, welcome! :)
Hi Everyone,

A quick update from me on my Third full atkins day!!

Today I have had:

Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs and then some sugar free jelly.

Lunch - I found the recipes for Oopsies and made a batch, I was pleased with how they turned out and I can totally understand why people use them like roll. Anyway had that with ham cheese and cucumber like a bap. Very tasty. Also had a chicken thigh, I remove the kin as I can't abide it.

For dinner I had a gammon steak with broccoli and a fried egg.

Snacks - 1 mini pepperami.

Didn't eat a lot of greens today, I have drunk at least 3 ltrs of water.
Exercise, just walking today nothing more.

The only problem I have is I do actually now feel a bit sick. I have not had a headache just a nauseous feeling and the thought of more meat at this moment in time makes me want to heave. lol

Having an early night tonight as totally knackered.

Thanks for all your help.

Wendy x

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