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Hi All......Newbie B2B here. Starting LL tomorrow!


Loves VLCD's !
Until you are in ketosis you may feel hungry...I say may because I didn't. You may go into ketosis before day 3 too so it isn't too long to wait. I was feeling very motivated when I started and it sounds like you are too with a lovely wedding to look forward to, congrats ! In which case I hope it's a breeze for you. You will certainly lose weight in the fastest way that you possibly can on a VLCD so rest assured that by sticking to it you are well on your way to your desired weight loss.

Good Luck !


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Hiya hun! I started LL today....so far so good! I have had a lemon bar and a choc milkshake which were both lovely!!! I have about the same weight to loose as you! I am getting married on the 2nd June.......we can keep each other motivated throughout!!!!!!!
Keep me posted.......
How are the wedding plans coming along??



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Wow our weddings are so close! You keep me posted on your progress too.

Im a bit worried already as we have arranged to go to the Indian for our friends daughters 18th a week on Fri then my H2B's work colleague has invited to his wedding all day/night on 31st March. Not sure how I'll get through those!

I don't really know a great deal about LL at the mo. I should be a bit wiser tomorrow night!

So the shake and bar you've are nice? How are you managing with the water? Thats where I wil struggle! :)

My wedding plans are coming along well thankyou, we get wed in Tuscany! How are yours coming along? :D


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Oh no!! I hate it when things come up and you stress about how you are going to follow the plan! I always get people taking the pee out of me when I say what I am doing....it's sooooo annoying!
The water is no probs for me, I have 2 2 litre bottles at the start of the day and get my way through them throughout the day! Just make sure you are always near a toilet!!! ha ha

Wedding plans are good thanks, just need to do this diet now so I can be a nice slim bride!
Good luck with the diet hun......We can do this!!!!!!!



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Hello and welcome

There seems to be a fair few of us brides here. Certainly it was wedding panic which made me start LL.

My big day is 21st June and ideally I'd like to shift 4 or 5 stone by then!

I've just started my 4th week, and at third weigh-in on Tuesday, I've lost a total of 17lbs. I was one of the unlucky ones who found the first week hard - hunger for a few days, but mostly tiredness and dizzy spells.

Very best of luck to you.


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I don't believe it.......Doc says form won't be signed until Monday!

Im so disappointed as class started last week but I was told I could join tonight.

Next class not due to start for another 2 weeks! I wanted to be at least half a stone lighter by then! Im waiting for LLC to call me back to see what she says. :(


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Hi lana welcome to minmins!
I hope you keep us updated on your progress, the first week is tough I wont lie but it was well worth the 9lbs I lost! :D


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Hi Lana,

Welcome and good luck with your LL Journey.

My wedding is May 26th! and I have been on CD since 5th Jan & I want to lose 54lbs - Last two weeks have been a disaster though...I ended up in hospital with suspected appendix problems so I had to eat hospital food (I didn't actually gain anything which was lucky...small portion sizes) BTW it wasn't my appendix but a mystery as the docs couldn't work out where the pain was from:mad: I have struggled to get back into the diet this week and to drink all the water but I am determined to get into my outfit. I maybe shouldn't have bought a size 12 skirt:eek: Re-start today:eek:

All the very best with the Diet. I am sure you will be a beautiful bride at the size you want to be:D.

Let us know how you get on:)

Take care