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Hi all, Newbie here, need advice!!

[FONT=&quot]Hey all,:sign0144:

Wow what a terrific site!! My friend introduced me to this a few weeks ago but just getting round to signing up now and I have to say its very motivational with all the advice tips, not to mention all of the before and after pics!! Ya have all done exceptionally well and I hope I can do just as good!!

Well let me introduce myself, I am 31 years old weighing 20 stone 4lbs and extremely fed up and depressed of the way that I look. :cry:

Due to a recent health scare I have realized that I have played around with my life enough and now its time to do something about it. Today I visited my doctor and he wants me to go on the Lipotrim diet but I really know nothing about it and to be honest I was too embarrassed to ask. So hopefully I will get some information from fellow dieters on here.:banghead:
Then hopefully I can start it next week.

I am fortunate enough to be with a man that doesn’t mind the extra wobble or roll, however since the health scare, he wants me to lose weight for health reasons, being a doctor himself he knows what the outcome is if I don't and to be honest there is only so much doctor speeches ya can take!! I know it’s my fault the way I am but it doesn’t help when your gp rubs it in constantly.

Most of the time I feel so down and lacking in confidence regarding my weight and wonder why I have ever let myself go in this way. I don’t own a mirror as I detest the person that is looking back at me. I have tried on numerous occasions to lose weight usually starting on the Monday and finishing on the Wednesday never reaching a full week. I have always tended to comfort eat when I get depressed or feeling lonely and there goes the willpower. My ultimate goal would be to lose 3 or 4 stone before my wedding in March 2009, this would make me so happy and to feel like a princess. I want to be fit to go to bridal shops with no need to worry "Do they have my size in that?" I would love to feel and look good on my wedding day.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]My ideal weight would be too lose 10 stone for my height but I am taking it little by little.

So I hope I can get some motivation tips along the way.

Anyways before I have bored yas all to tears. Keep up the good work and congrats to the people that completed their goal, please share your joy and for those who are on the right path, gud on ya!!

Always remember to keep smiling on the good days and bad, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, it may just take a heck of hard work and patience to get there.

Take care,[/FONT]

Miss_unknown (soon to be Mrs) :character00250:
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Good Luck

hi my name is Shelly ive had my first weigh in today and lost 9lbs . its very hard try to take a day at a time, just go and get it after the first few days its brill
Good Luck


Peace Love Happiness
Hello! wavey wave :)

I'm not sure what you need to know, ummm, it's total food replacement, there are three flavours of shakes, choc, strawb, vanilla, chicken soup and two flavours of flapjacks - peanut and coconut. You can have three items a day, but only one flapjack.

LT works on the principle that your body is in starvation and the process called ketosis occurs which means fat is being converted into energy, hence you need to drink lots of water to help your body do this.

You can feel a bit rough in the first week and I think for most people day three/four is the toughest.

There are some really inspiring people on here, some have lost eight stone!

Good Luck and please let us know if there is anything else we can tell you.

hugs xxx
Hi and Welcome!!

This is the best diet ever!!!! I promise! It is hard the first week .... yes but when you stand on the scales at the end of the week it is soooooo worth it!!!! You will get loads of support and ass kicking on here .....so keep posting!

I have only one face mirror in the bathroom! I hate them too! But I have actually gotten one put in my room now! I am taking my weight in stages too.....but lipotrim is a journey in many ways.

OK ..... fat to slim.....obviously! But more so....... self hating to self liking and eventually loving. I can look in the mirror now and not hate what I see! It is low self esteem to self confidence! It is food addict to food moderation. It is comfort eater to controlled eater. It takes time but it is the only diet that I know that does all that!

Enjoy! Drink loads of water. Paracetemol and hot water bottle when you feel you need them. Feet up....pamper yourself.....stuff housework.....and post on here very regular!!!!

Good luck hun!
Thanks so much for all your replys, its great to hear from people who are in the boat as yourself and who have lost alot of weight as well. Congrats Shelly on your weight loss, that was marvellous, was it difficult sticking to it?! Please keep in touch and let me know how ya are getting on.

Well done to Liberty and sara as well, ya have done great yourself and thanks for the advice chicks.

I will defintely keep posting on here to let yas all know how well I am doing. I am going to start the lipotrim diet next Wednesday so I am glad to hear from you guys who have obviously been through it and at least I know now what to expect?? I understand the first week you can lose alot of weight due to your body detoxing but what is the average weight you lose per week? I am going to try my hardest to stick to it for the first week!! The only thing that would get me would be the water, I cant stand water without putting something in it just to make it more drinkable, is this allowed. Sorry for all the questions!!

Take care,


Peace Love Happiness
No problems re the questions, unfortunately you can only have black tea, coffee, peppermint tea. The cambridge diet, which is a bit similar has a water flavouring but you are only allowed to do it with their diet AFAIK. Weight loss in the first week varies for everyone some lose upto 14lbs, that is mostly glycogen, then the average is about 3-4lbs, so about a stone a month, generally people with more weight tend to lose it more quickly, initially.

If your doctor is referring you, you might be able to get it cheaper £27 per week, rather than £36.

Good Luck :D
Good luck hun, you seem very motivated, so i am sure this diet will work for you. Lots of people on here, have been through the ups and downs of lipotrim, and are always on hand to give great advise. I am only on my second week, so i cant give much advise, as i have been a bit negative the last few days..but i turn to this forum fo support when i need it most.
Hope you get all the answers you need, and lipotrim.co.uk, are always on the end of the phone, if there is something your not sure about.
Thanks Liberty,

I am sure I will get used to drinking water, I normally just drink fizzy drinks which I am cutting out at the moment. So I dont want to start complaining as yet but I am sure by the end of my first weigh in I will be doing your heads in, lol. I didn't realize ya get a discount if your doc referred ya, cheers for that!!

Well done Becky,

That is fab news!! Have ya any before and after pics? (I went and had a sneeky peek) Its great to see people on how well they have done, at least it gives encouragement who is just starting out. Well done done on CD!! Your first week loss was amazing, I am eager to get started now.

Thank ya guys!!
Hiya Denise,

Thanks and I am absolutely delighted for you with your weight loss and I find this site and the people on it to be very motivational, after all we are all here with the same problem!! Its great to hear from different people who have been through the diet even those who may have not lost anything, its all encouraging and something to keep ya going.
Keep the good work up and if ya ever need someone to talk to, drop me a line, I am always here for a natter!!

Take care,
Hiya Denise,

Thanks and I am absolutely delighted for you with your weight loss and I find this site and the people on it to be very motivational, after all we are all here with the same problem!! Its great to hear from different people who have been through the diet even those who may have not lost anything, its all encouraging and something to keep ya going.
Keep the good work up and if ya ever need someone to talk to, drop me a line, I am always here for a natter!!

Take care,
aww bless...thanks hun...it really helps when we receive positive posts from others on here...:)
I have around 10 stone to lose to get on top end of "normal" weight/bmi and I have never ever thought I'd have the will power to do it. I've spent the last 30 years dieting, joining clubs and trying every possible diet in the world but this one is by far the easiest as it removes choice and decision making so without realising you stick to it.
The first week is pretty grim but take it one day at a time and its not so bad. My one piece of advice would be to drink gallons of water adn keep in touch.

Good luck
Hiya Nicki,

Congrats on your super weightloss, defintely will keep yas posted on how well it goes. I am just itching to get going now!!

Take care
Hiya Julie,

Like yourself I have also 10 stone to lose to get to the "normal" stage!! Ya have done marvelous and keep it up. I hope ya dont mind if I ask, on the first week of the diet do you do any exercise? And if so what. Due to health reasons I have been told by the doc just to go swiming and no cardiovasicular exercises until I get the all clear.
Anyways would love to hear of your continued progress, please keep in touch.


is loving the soup?!
Hello and lovely to meet you!
I have only been doing this around a week, but it is a fab, fab, fab diet. I've had serious binge eating problems all my life and find sticking to a standard diet plan can be very hard.
This is actually so much easier. You know what you're having and after the first few days you aren't hungry and you aren't preoccupied with food.
The downside, yes, is the first few days. They are very hard in terms of the way you feel physically - though mentally not as hard as doing a standard diet, I don't think. You can get through it - if I can (I have binge eating disorder) then you can. And the reward is feeling fantastic and huge weight losses. People with 10 stone to lose are often losing up to 7lb or more in many weeks, even when they are well into the diet.
It is really worth it. You will easily, easily make your wedding goal. And you'll probably drop a dress size in the first week.
And for some inspiration with before/after pics, check out the 'inspirational slide show' at the top of the page in the blue tabs.
Hi and welcome - you sound like you're going into this with a really positive attitude which will help in your first week. You might find week one easier if you start lowering your carb intake and upping your water intake now - it'll give your body a head start getting into ketosis.

And when you're finding tough just log in here and there's always someone to help you through it.

Peggie xx
Hi and :welcome: to LT. if you need a support you are in the best place! loads fab people here to help and give you advice!
so good luck with you progress! A BIG :grouphugg: FOR YOU!
Heya and welcome, good luck hun, it will all be worth it in the end :D
Hiya and welcome to our happy little nuthouse! :) You sound like you've got your head screwed on which is essential in succeeding at LT so sending many good wishes and luck your way!

~Gem xx

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