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  1. pbfhpunk

    pbfhpunk Full Member

    Hi am restarting Cambridge after failing at 810 last year. I'm on SS as after doing lighter life a couple of years ago I know that, for me, I definatley find it easier to do total abstinence from food.

    Got through my first day yesterday ok, and am ok so far today. Although someone has brough cakes into work and so constatn trail of people with doughnut walking by!

    Yesterday I has Apple and Cin porridge for brekkie, then Choc tetra for lunch and dinner. Today I've taken to choc tetras to work and had onea t about 10 and the other I'm trying so hard to keep until 2.30 - keep pushing the limit! so I get a porridge hot meanl for dinner. I find that works well for me, so far today I've had 1.25 litres of water.

    It's a stressful time for me, we're relocating across the country to Rutland and have given notice on our house and my job so scary time! but I know if I can get through this on SS then everything else should be a breeze!


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  3. Leahtm

    Leahtm Full Member

    Well Done for getting through your start!! CD is hard enough but with everything else you have going on you really are doing well!! Keep up the good work!

    I started 18/03 so today is my day two!! If you need any supoort or wnyting I am on here a bit!!!

    Good luck L exxx
  4. freddysmum

    freddysmum Full Member

    you have done so well..its so difficult when people are all eating nice stuff round us...i struggle because we have nice things in the house for hubby and son because i dont feel i can deprive them just because i cant have them...
    so pat yourself on the back for being so strong
    karen x
  5. Sunnysmile

    Sunnysmile Laserbeams set on goal

    Hi there,

    Just read your post as inspiration for my re-start (today is Day 1 after a 4 month break).

    Keep plugging away -- it's going to be worth it (that's been my mantra all day :D )

  6. Lin18

    Lin18 Silver Member

    Good luck with the move and the restart.

  7. pbfhpunk

    pbfhpunk Full Member

    On day 3 of SS so far which is v cool. but last night I was sat talking and suddenly got a wave a nausea over me and ran to the bathroom but wasn't ill so that was ok. But I keep going lightheaded and then getting this v strange feeling like someone is gently tapping or something is fluttering at the base of my throat/top of my chest.

    Just wondering how bad you'd let yourself feel before having something to eat.

    Haven't had this the other times I've done the diet.

  8. Lin18

    Lin18 Silver Member

    I have been feeling lightheaded for a few weeks now, on and off i just sit for a few seconds have some water and then all seems to be well again, maybe give it a day or too see how you go, ask your CDC for advice if you still feel the same in a couple of days, also it may not ne related to CD also worth considering, could be a bug although i hope your ok and its just a blip.

    Hope your feeling better soon

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