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Hi all...trying again...


So this is it.... I am back again.... i plucked up the courage and weighed in after not being able to get back in the zone....

and am now 181LBs :(

so going to take it each day at a time and get back on plan.....

So far so good ;)

Glad to see your all doing well

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Feeling great in 2012!
Welcome back, and good luck!
Hi , me too , lost 16lb in 4 weeks when i was on it before , but have struggles since my holiday to get back on properly , but trying desperately to get back on and just ordered 150 items

hope that switching to the new shakes , bars and meals will give me new momentum

really good luck to you , i know how hard it is , but i also know it works



Feeling great in 2012!
Welcome back Phoenix. Having the variety of shakes, bars and meals does make a difference. I know I couldn't keep going on shakes alone. Hope you manage to get into the zone again xxx
Thanks , last week was a disaster I managed monday to friday and lost 4 lb then just went totaly off the rails over the weekend , dont know whats wrong with me , seem to keep sabotaging myself

maybe when my new order arrives it will give me the boost i need , have never tried the new shakes or had bars and meals so at least their will be some variety in it

I have 7 weeks now and nothing planned , no nights out, no weekends away , no excuses

How are you doing ?
Good going girls! It's harder to go back into the diet in some respects as you've got to get into ketosis first - but once ketosis starts you'll be home and dry :) I've just restarted after a holiday and I've already lost 3 pounds again (and I only gained 1.6 over the holiday!). Just think - a small break to your body and metabolism might even speed up your losses! Phoenix - you'll definately do better once you've got a few meals as go to options. They're lovely and are a great standby especially if you're feeling a little tempted.


Feeling great in 2012!
You're almost persuading me to have another break lucysera ;). 4 weeks back into this diet and my metabolism appears to have gone on strike as it did just before I took a break before.


Feeling great in 2012!
Sally, I'm not doing fabulously this week to be honest. I started off fine and by Sat am I was down 2.2lbs and looked to be on track for 3+ loss for the week. Then Sun am I was up a whole pound and another 0.4lbs on Mon am! :cry:. I've introduced a small protein low calorie/carb meal with veggies at weekends instead of the 3rd pack but I've been doing that for 3 weeks with seemingly no real ill effects. Was pretty peed off to be honest. Down 0.2lbs this am (not a lot but better than the scales going up again) and it's WI tomorrow. So I'm sitting at 1lb lost so far this week plus whatever I lose by tomorrow (assuming I don't gain again!! :(). It's looking like an even worse week than last week when it was TOTM and I usually get my best loss of the month the week after TOTM. :sigh: Just have to keep plugging away. I've been having the veggies of an evening - not sure if that's messed things up or not. I might try to do 3 packs only, no veggies or off piste meals (albeit very low calorie) for a few days to see if things improve.
It's probably a combination of natural fluctuations and your body catching up with the weightloss. Try measuring - I bet that even if the losses slow temporarily, you'll see some great inch loss :)
Sorry you had a rubbish week bordersgirl, at least you are sticking to it though , i just threw the whole plan out of the window !!!

If is totm then you logically know you are still losing but holding water , try to keep that in mind because you know that the scales dont always tell the truth and i bet you reap the rewards of not giving up next week

My new s and s stuff came yesterday so im starting again with a new plan see my other thread , wanting to find out "how do you eat yours"

Im at the point where anything that keeps me on this damn plan has gotta be worth a try

chin up


Feeling great in 2012!
Yeah, just had a bit of a low moment, but a loss is a loss and I'm back on packs and nothing else from today to see if that helps. I won't go off the rails as I know I'll struggle to get back on track and I really really want to lose another stone before Xmas. Trying to focus on that and the fact that I will be taking a break for Xmas and that's not too long away.
oh im definitely taking a break for xmas, in fact i have a weekend away arranged with friends and our children on the 17th dec so will break then too for a couple of days, with a last push upto xmas eve

it might be the first time i see my son since i last saw him in the summer , and he said to me then "well lets hope you stick to this diet" with a sarcastic tone in his voice

I want to prove him wrong and make him proud at the same time

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