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Hi everyone. I'm a newbie here currently on my first week at SW

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Julieanne6389, 6 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. Julieanne6389

    Julieanne6389 Member

    Hi everyone. I'm a newbie here currently on my first week at SW. Weigh in day is Tuesday for me and I have 2 stone to lose, and would like to lose one stone of that before I'm a bridesmaid in July. Motivations for losing weight: 1) not becoming diabetic, since every female on my maternal side is overweight and diabetic. 2) I want to wear skirts/shorts in the summer and not have legs rubbing together.
    Good luck to everyone :)
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  3. NewMe14

    NewMe14 Gold Member

    Best of luck hun.

    How are you finding the plan so far? Let us know how you get on Tuesday :)
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  4. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome Julieanne,

    I have copied your post to this forum as it will get more attention here.

    You have plenty of motivations being a bridesmaid to keep you focused.

    Good luck with weigh in on Tuesday!
  5. MagicBeans23

    MagicBeans23 Full Member

    Welcome and good luck! What plan are you following? Are you joining a class/group or home slimming?
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  6. Julieanne6389

    Julieanne6389 Member

    Hi everyone. It's going well so far, thanks.

    I'm taking the book with me everywhere, and glad I have as it keeps me constantly checking what I can eat for free. It really highlights how I've put on so much weight in the past couple of years; all those "little" snacks add up to a lot of calories and for me the weight seems to go on my legs, which is unfortunate as my legs are also very short!

    I have tried online weigh-ins before but I really think I need the group support so have joined my local SW. If I only have myself to answer to, it's too easy to slip into my bad habits again! I am finding all the online support brilliant too. How about everyone else, do you go to the groups?

    I'm a bit confused that some people do the red and green options but my SW leader was only keen on the Easy Extras? I'll have to ask on Tuesday.

  7. Rach1986

    Rach1986 Member

    Hi Julianne! I do extra easy and find it straight forward. Best of luck and I love the motivation! I also have the summer legs motivation along with the need to get to a healthy bmi. I've lost 1stone in my first six weeks so hopefully am on the right track! It's so helpful being able to come on hear and get tips and advice!

    Enjoy your journey!

  8. MagicBeans23

    MagicBeans23 Full Member

    I'm doing home slimming, but only because my work doesn't allow me to commit to a group. I do ok though!
    Personally I do red/green, as I've done it before and know it inside out, which was best for starting it on my own, at home. EE is supposed to be easy though & fits into every day life well.
  9. NewMe14

    NewMe14 Gold Member

    Hi again,

    I joined in January and my leader told us all about extra easy didnt mention the other plans too much and I don't know much about them. Since joining in Jan I have nearly lost 2 and a half stone all on extra easy. I go to group to but must admit I have only recently started staying for the meetings. They are good as you get lots of tips and ideas etc x
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  10. red squirrel

    red squirrel Full Member

    I agree staying can be really helpful and you pick up loads of ideas for cooking

    Our leader was on hols recently and the person that covered wasn't at all inspiring , really made a difference I thought
  11. Julieanne6389

    Julieanne6389 Member

    At last week's SW meeting everyone had cooked something free for everyone to try. I loved the dips made with quark (it's like philadelphia made with skimmed milk) also good for making creamy pasta sauces. Glad I stayed for the meeting as got to eat all that yummy free food!
  12. Julieanne6389

    Julieanne6389 Member

    Thank you. P.S any ideas why my avatar picture is sideways? I'm not much good at this technical stuff! :confused:
  13. jogirl

    jogirl Silver Member

    It's showing as the right way up for me!
  14. red squirrel

    red squirrel Full Member

    Oh hope they do that at my group sometime :)
  15. SarahButterfly

    SarahButterfly Full Member

    Hi I'm a SW newbie too, my first meeting is next week :)
  16. Lucky7

    Lucky7 Gold Member

    Hi - welcome to the forum. Def a good idea to carry the book around til you get your head round it.
    Some people do stick to the ole Green and Original plans. It's good for...

    * people who struggle to get their 1/3 superfree in.
    * vegetarians / vegans
    * people who like to stick to the tried and tested
    * people on a tight budget who don't want to spend a fortune on fresh fruit / veg and haven't got a freezer to keep frozen stuff in (often students in this category)

    I sometimes will use it if I want 2 HExA and HExB's for some reason, and I can easily go Green (no meat) for the day. I prefer to stick to EE now, but sometimes need to be a bit creative to get that superfree in. Soups are quite handy for this.

    Good luck :)
  17. shazza1981

    shazza1981 Member

    well done, hope your first WI went well x
  18. Julieanne6389

    Julieanne6389 Member

    Hi guys, thanks for all your support - it's really helping. I was sooooo nervous about my first weigh in on Tuesday (not because I hadn't stuck to then plan, but incase I didn't lose any weight and they thougt I hadn't tried!) I was being really silly because I actually lost 3.5lbs. I was dead chufffed.

    So my first week on SW Extra Easy was pretty good and super easy! Because I'm a live-in nanny I'm not in any rush to get out the door so I can make a cooked brekka if I like. I find that for me a good brekka determines my appetite for the rest of the day. Tiny brekka = Julie munching on naughty snacks. I kinda think the SW H extra B cereal allowance is a bit stingy, 35g of fruit'n'fibe ain't gonna fill this girl up past 10am! So I make quick scrambled eggs in the microwave (free) plus a splash of milk (part of milk allowance as a H extra A) then use my H extra B on 2 slices of 400g wholemeal loaf, no butter. If I'm feeling fancy I'll chop up a tomato and do some bacon in my lean, mean, fat reducing grilling machine (George Foreman grill - it's fab). TMI time..... I discovered I can't stomach baked beans.... I like them, but they clearly do not like me!! It's a shame as they are free on the plan and filling.

    For a mid-morning snack I'm having fat free greek yogurt mixed with sugar free caramal syrup (same as Costa coffee use) and chopped fruit mixed in.

    For lunch whilst baby sleeps I've been baking a potato (prick all over and part cook 4 mins in microwave) then in the oven for 20-30 mins whilst I clear up baby's mess from the morning. I tend to have tuna as a filling or 30g cheddar...yes I agree I'm not very experimental yet but hoping to get more ideas from SW group. I did mix curry powder in with the tuna (much to my boyfriends disgust!) I replied "It's just like having coronation chicken, delicious! - what's the look of disgust for?!" I'm having a huuuge salad with it too. A couple of times I've had to abandon the last 1/4 of the salad and save for later. I was genuinely full - something which I struggle with. I'll tend to leave it an hour and have a piece of fruit to tide me over. All in all I've not been feeling hungry.

    For supper I've been having stir fry's, fish with sweet potato SW wedges (basically cut up sweet potato, sparayed with Fry Light, shake a bit of paprika on and in the oven for 20 mins - no need to par boil.. they're yummy) I also recommend getting some quickie bits for supper incase you get back from somewhere late and a bit ravenous - I got some Quorn peppered steaks that only need 6 minutes grill/10 minutes oven (I did them in the George Foreman grill though) Really yummy and a free food on EE. Trying to make a conscious effot to eat more veg so bought baby sweetcorn and sugar snap peas to quickly microwave. Also, the supermarkets do some great frozen mixed veg bags. I got a grilled veg bag with different coloured pepeprs, courgette, red onion and they're pre-grilled so just whack in the oven. Super easy - my fave style of cooking.

    Although according to my SW consultant I can have "unlimited" portions of pasta,rice,potatoes,noddles etc; I tend not to want it --a bit of reverse psychology there, eh SW?!

    Conclusion after first week on SW:

    Sticking to the plan for a week 100% really highlighted to me how much crap I had been snacking on. I'm a nanny for a baby so us nannies get together and have coffee/cake/biscuits/crisps etc whilst the kids are happy playing so it really is mindless eating. I reckon on average that's an extra 300-400cal that I've been scoffing everyday!

    I have bought a pair of jeans that are the exact same as a pair that currently fits but in a size smaller. I have been trying them on as my motivation to lose the weight. At the moment I can get them up my legs and just about get them done up (feels like the buttons will pop off!!) I couldn't get them over my bottom about a month ago when I first bought them, so it's a good NSV (I'm speaking the lingo already, that stands for Non Scale Victory).

    Good luck to everyone who's new and let us know how you get on!

    Julie x
  19. Vickyt89

    Vickyt89 Full Member

    Hey im pretty new to slimming world too and I work as a child minder.. I found all those kiddie treats I was 'testing' were my major downfall. Before joining SW I never even though about the calories in them as I just popped them into my mouth and raced off after the kids again and than when I get home at night I just get something fast and filling, Pizza was huge favourite..
    Six weeks on the plan and I learning to say NO and thinking before I try that treat!!
    Here is my food diary if you want a look!!
    Best of Luck xx

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