Hi everyone -im new and would like some advice : )

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  1. sarahchi

    sarahchi Silver Member

    Hi everyone i found this website and thought i would join :). I have had a rough few years first of all my boyfriend left me and our son and moved 500 miles away as he couldn't deal with parenthood - so i became a single mum at 19. Then both my sets of grandparents died within 6 months of each other. By this time i had put on 3 stone which started to depress me and the more i got depressed the more i ate and the weight kept coming on. I finally decided i can't go on and lost 2 stone by eating healthy and going for long walks. I met the man of my dreams shortly after but being so comfortable with him the weight started creeping on and got worse with more family members passing away. I thought that my boyfriend was going to start to find me unatractive and leave me and my son but he told me he loved me the way i am and asked me to marry him :) so we are getting married Nov 2010 hopefully. I want to look stunning in my wedding dress but the main focus is we have been trying for a baby now for a year and had 2 miscarriages in 3 months - the last being last week and i want to put all my focus in to getting sexy slim so it will also take the stress and focus away from trying to conceive.
    So any advice - Diets - anything will be really helpful !

    Sarah x
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  3. flabbybumbum

    flabbybumbum On a mission

    Hi Sarah:welcome:
    Sorry to hear you've been having a rough time of it. You will find lots of people on here who's emotions rule their food intake, including me!
    I'm not going to advise you on a particular diet or another but just to have a nosey round the site and get some ideas about what you think may suit you best.
    Many congrats on the engagement!:D
    Now you have a deadline to work towards, and once you've chosen which diet and started to lose weight, you will find that motivating in itself.
    I wish you all the very best x
  4. sarahchi

    sarahchi Silver Member

    Thank -you ! At the moment i have started eating healthily as i was doing when i lost the 2 stone so im going to stick at that again. Im looking forward to sharing my weightloss with others and im enjoying reading the success stories too! Congrats on your weightloss : )
  5. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Hi Sarah and welcome. You have come to the right place as everyone is so friendly and very supportive.

    You have a great reason for losing weight and i know you will do very well

    Good luck

    Irene xx
  6. sarahchi

    sarahchi Silver Member

    Thank - you Irene its the first day today and its going great ! - Im really determined and excited and tis site has really motivated me.
  7. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Hello Sarah and welcome to the board.
  8. Dannii

    Dannii Full Member

    Newbie here too!

    Hi There, I'm new to this site too! Trying to get rid of my mummy tummy!lol Been hitting the gym since January, toned up loads but the weight isn't coming off so ordered W8 for life, hopefully it comes soon! Want to start on Thursday! Keep us updated on ur progress, by the sounds of it you deserve a happy ending and glad u have found your prince charming! ;)


  9. sarahchi

    sarahchi Silver Member

    I sure will Dannii and you keep me posted on how you get on with your weightloss !
  10. Dannii

    Dannii Full Member

    Well Starting W8 for life in the morning so thought I better hit the scales as haven't dieted or weighed myself for almost a month. Was shocked to see iv dropped 14lbs! Couldn't even do that when I was dieting!lol 3 1/2 to go now.:(
  11. Jen-xx

    Jen-xx New Member

    Hi Sarah

    Im new too - Your story sounds alot like mine but i wont bore you!! Strange how our emotions rule us so much - were our own worst enemies!!!

    I was at my heaviest around 2 years ago i went through some heartache and due to this and stress lost around 3 stone - funnily enough ive never felt so great! Then new relationship and contentment has let the weight back on! I have put about two of the three stone back on but i know if i do nothing about it then it will all come back on!

    Also i feel unhealthy and tired all the time - i want to see if losing this weight will make me feel better in general!

    I want to lose two stone - i am a member of Slimming World which i love but for the next few weeks im going to follow my own low cal diet - like a detox i guess - then once ive done this i can go back to following Slimming World, i have bought some low calorie soups and shakes etc and going to be using these maybe for 4 weeks,

    My problem is chocolate!! wish i didnt like it so much - not too sure of my way around this site but i think i can add you to my friends - lets stay in touch and focused!!!! Good Luck - and congrats on the Wedding xx
  12. sarahchi

    sarahchi Silver Member

    Congrats on the 14lb weightloss Dannii thats a great start even if you didnt know you had lost it :)
  13. siggy79

    siggy79 VLCD

    Hi Sarah, hi Jen - yea my story is pretty similar too - my gran died, my mum left and my son was ill :cry:Loads of stress and lots of comfort food.

    I vow to change! Good luck everyone:)
  14. sarahchi

    sarahchi Silver Member

    Yh siggy let me know how your progress is going - Congrats on the weightloss so far - thats amazing !
  15. siggy79

    siggy79 VLCD

    Ooh thanks! took ages to get here, but this time I mean it LOL

    I've had a tough day actually - sorta shaky, I haven't cheated or anything, but the thought is there at the back of my mind. Just got to get through today :)
  16. sarahchi

    sarahchi Silver Member

    Yeah this is my second day with no cheating and my little boy brought home some cakes from school - but it wasn't hard resisting temptation the hardest part was telling him i will save one for later because i was not hungry and my fiance will eat it after dinner lol. I know im going to do it this time im so determined to reach my goal weight a few months before my wedding and its taking the stress away from trying for another baby so its a brill distraction and im getting healthy in the process and i know we will be blessed with a healthy pregnancy so losing the weight is a bonus !
  17. siggy79

    siggy79 VLCD

    oh no, my son did that to me not long ago - except it was a biscuit. I had to give it to my hubby to eat - and my little boy was determined that I eat it too! lol
    Congrats on the second day :) I know how you feel though, I just want to get it over and done with now, so it can be a distant chapter of my life.
  18. sarahchi

    sarahchi Silver Member

    I know what you mean - I just have to find a something else to turn to instead of food when im down !
  19. Gemstone

    Gemstone Here for the Journey

    Hi there

    The important thing is that you've arrived here and will get all the support you need from the wonderful folks on minimins. I'm just coming up to my first year and feel the support daily. I have gained many valuable cyber-friends on here and also met some really nice people "om the flesh" on minimins meets x

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