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hi everyone, new to CS

well im on day 2 and finding it quite good. felt deprived just now as family was having lovely soup for lunch and i decided to have the beef soup which ws disgusting i thought! reminded me too much of the CD soup, nightmare!

anyway im liz, 35 and needing to lose around 10 stone so im now on CS hoping it will do the trick this time, look forward to chatting soon,
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Hi ,

Im starting on Monday i'm not going by weight as much as clothes size, but im about a 14/16 now want to be 12/14 so about a size n a half. Id love a buddy to talk/chat to etc about issues and for support. U doing the evening meal at night? i have the family to feed so im debating what meals to make that will combine my balanced part and something theyll like(my sons 3 years old)

Katie xx
hi katie, welcome to the CS journey!

id gladly welcome some buddies along the way.

yes im having the meal at night, so far ive had chicken with roast veg last night and tonight it was spag bol so i had just the bol with roast veg and a bit salad which was good. not been too bad so far, ive enjoyed my 2 days, mostly just to be cutting out the hassle of food but still getting some snacks and a dinner makes it so much easier. just hope i can make it work for the long term as ive a lot to get shifted. look forward to chatting with you, good luck for monday, liz x
well on day 3 now and woke this morning feeling all achey in my back and shoulder with a fuzzy head, they say that you should feel funny for a couple of days at the start so this must be normal. looking forward to this day being over!
Im not looking forward to "that" part, I hate headaches!!!

Looking forward to starting - I love steamed fish n veg so that will prob be my normal meal - what other things do u think for main meal?

Whens your weigh in day ?

I hope i do ok on it, still panicking abit xx
stop panicking, its not that bad really, try to focus on what you can have instead of what you cant. theres so much to have!

ive been having meat with roast peppers, tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, little olive oil, garlic, chilli, and ginger. tonight its roast chicken with boiled veg and roast celeriac instead of potatoes, yum! youll be fine, if i can do it anyone can, ive been on so many diets ive lost count but this one ive decided to stick with and make it work as if i dont ill be floating around in diet limbo for ever!
Im not a major Dieter mostly because I hate Veg and Fruit and I cannot eat Salad (long Story) But im better we veg now ill eat peas, Carrots, Beans, Sweetcorn etc.

Im looking forward to it mostly - just alot of people are eating things i no i dont like -

I have a gluten intolorance but im not a celiac - So the shakes are fine because they only contain a trace of gluten etc - But i cannot eat most carbs anyway. But i struggle just eating veg - Fruit - Salad like on WW or SW i cant do them because i cannot eat just those.

Hopefully ill be ok - Do u have a Fav Shake Etc Yet ? how do u go about Snacking?

Sorry about all questions -
no probs katie, its always good to have the answers when you need them!

im snacking mostly on clementines/apples/meat/salad. suppose you could choose meat over the fruit n veg snacks and just eat the veg you like with your dinners.

they do say to have 1/4 protien (meat etc) and 3/4 veg as your meal so as long as the balance is right then you could just stickw ith the veg you like, better to enjoy what you can have than suffer thinking of all the things you dont like.

i like the chicken soup, that was amazing, not really chickeny mind, more of creamy herby soup. so far the choc shake was the best, filled up lots of water to make it like a big choc drink.
Ok, It seems strange to be putting water in a shake and not milk. Lol

Are you doing well then? i got some apples there not very big, so i suppose i could eat one as a snack not half - fridge raiders are meant to be good snack -

do u work? how do u plan around work x
even tho its made with water the shakes are really creamy and taste just like milk shakes!

ive been having a whole small apple as a snack, half is just not right to me!

im lucky to work at night so ive had all my food by then, just need to take a snack. whats fridge raiders?

i like the idea of the small cans of tuna in sauce for a snack too. how you goign to plan round work?
well i work 8.30 till 5 - with an hour lunch - so i can have shake in morning - pick at an apple mid morning - have a shake or soup for lunch and then balanced tea after work with family - i saw the tuna idea which sounds good to me - something i can do because i like it - just needed other ideas really? - dont u find it hard at work at night - i would wanna pick at food, fridge raiders are in the chiller section - basically meat sticks - they are really nice i had them b4.
i work in a supermarket 6-10pm so the temptations there to nibble are reeeeeeeealy bad!! tonight will be my first shift while on CS, ill just have to keep glugging the water to make me feel full, wish me luck!!!
Have Fun!!!! You probably at work now, Well my first day is tommorrow so wish me luck, ill post in about 7/8ish. Ill try and keep track with you, might help me.
that would be great katie, look forward to hearing how your first day has gone, its really not that bad. i just kept thinking about my first shake then snack, then shake, then snack, then DINNER!, then snack!! it flies in really, good luck x
day 4 and a fresh start already!! had a big blip yesterday visiting dh's nana whod laid on loads of biscuits and of course i tucked in! feeling a bit sluggish and tired today for it so much learn from this that eating cr*p is not the way forward. i feel so rubbish, physically, that i want to throw in the towel and eat, but i wont as i know ill feel great again by tomorrow, possibly even tonight after i get lots of water down the hatch. wish me luck for a hard day!
Oh, Dont feel dis-heartened. Everyone has blips.

Sometimes temptations are just too hard to go by, mine is fresh bread, im a sucker for it! and im going to my mum n dads tomorrow who always have it!!!

Im sure you havent done too much damage - Just get back on the wagon and come and sit next to me!!!! Hope your ok.

On another note my CS came this morning and had my 1st shake! Woo Im on my way!!!!

Thinking of you

Hi, Im starting CS tomorrow having lost 2stones on Lipotrim. I went on an all inclusive holiday to Turkey mid May and have struggled since coming home so I joined SW and lost 1lb, not surprising really given the amount of food you can eat. I have really missed my shaker and making up the shakes..strange that, plus I dont like to worry about what to eat whilst at work.
Anyway, starting tomorrow and I intend to post cos that kept me going when I did LT.
hi katie & babynurse! good luck with the CS, ive given up with it and going back to slimming world, i cant seem to handle the no food very well. i was great for the first 2 days then got carried away with rubbish! so as i lost 8lbs the last week i was at SW i gone back to that, im going to stick with it and just get on. ive got to stop chopping and changing diets! ive found the best part of CS is all the water, after the 1st day i felt amazing, no achey feet or back anymore and ive suffered them a while, must have been really dehydrated! anyway good luck with your cs journeys but i suppose id better get on over to the SW forum, liz xx
Ah Babe -

If you will do better on that you have to change - my best mate does SW shes lost nearly 3 Stone. She doing really well.

I cant understand it - being able to eat loads of carbs? I dont get it?

Good Luck x

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