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Hi Everyone Newbie Alert

S: 15st11.5lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st11.5lb BMI: 25.4 Loss: 3st7.5lb(22.35%)
Hi everyone,
I am starting tomorrow, im armed with a weeks worth of shakes and alot of good intentions! I am working a good bit over the next week so should keep my mind off of food and stop me dwelling and being a cranky pants :p.

The thing is, i havnt actually told anyone i am doing this as i feel like they just expect me to fail as im always trying to diet :rolleyes: so ive already told a little white lie oops.. i told my family im doing a new program in the gym (kinda true) and i need to have a protein shake for my dinner every evening to help with muscle repair :D i think i can approx get away with this for the next 9 days as im working and i wont be at home for meals, then hopefully i will be on track and happy enough that i can share my diet with them all?

Its great to be a part of a support group, reading your inspirational posts gave me the push i needed to start... I have 12 weeks until a girls holiday to NYC with 6 very skinny minnie girls and even skinnier american sizes eek.. hope i make it there a happier, sexier, more confident new me x
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Hi, i'm starting tommorrow too and its my first time doing lipotrim. I too am reluctant to tell people. My husband is supportive which surprised me as I thought he would consider it a crash diet and I have told my friend who is watching with interest.

Why am I doing this diet? For me! No holidays planned etc, I just feel motivated.

Tonight I have had the last supper (unmentionables) and am now topping up with water to give me a head start tommorrow.

Good luck with your first few days and I will be on this forum a fair bit. x
Hi all, well i'm up and in a very positive mood ready for my first day.
I have taken before pictures wearing leggings and a bikini top. Not a good look lol!
I have measured out 4 pints of water which I will drink throughout the day (but hopefully more).
I'm never hungry in the mornings so i'm holding off my first shake til mid morning.
My son is getting picked up by his friends mum so he is away all day, just me and my little one. So plans are to stay here and have a housework/computer relax day.
S: 16st13lb C: 15st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34.6 Loss: 1st2lb(6.75%)
Hi there

Best of luck with the journey. I started yesterday - well technically restarted as I was on it in May of this year.

Like you I didnt tell anyone the last time and only my husband knows this time. I have one particularly unsupportive sister who would just berate me and tell me it was a fad. She says with things like this you pile on the weight again. So I am determined to prove her wrong!!!!

I lost 2 stone the last time and to be honest I gained back 10 pounds since the beginning of June but having said that I have had a family wedding abroad which lasted a week and a weeks holidays since so I dont figure thats too bad all things considered.

However I am back and more determined than ever. There are a few tough days ahead prob later in the week(day4 and 5) for me last time but the important thing is to stick with it and keep coming on this website. Everyone is hugely supportive and we are all in the same boat.

Drink plenty of water - that is actually the secret to the whole thing I think. It diminishes hunger and clears you out!!!

I am just taking water with me to work. I finish at 2 so am going to have a nice Strawberry shake then. I didnt tell anyone at work either!!!

Best of luck

Keep in touch and let us all know how you are getting on
Hi yummymummy, good luck with it too. I'm still sitting on the sofa, I havent moved lol. I don't plan to tell anyone other than my husband and friend as I really don't want negative comments. Let them notice the weight loss and I might tell them then. I have a big family bbq in a week and a half and I'm only telling my sister as its her house (but she will be supportive) and I will just drink soda water and maybe a vanilla coffee drink once I master the art.
S: 16st13lb C: 15st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34.6 Loss: 1st2lb(6.75%)
Hiya size10

Isint there always something coming up that makes it so hard to diet. Because this diet is sooooo strict I was trying to find a lull where there was actually nothing I had to go to in the next month or so. I had to go to a 40th birthday party while I was on it before. Noone there knew I was on this diet. I was handed(forced) a glass of champagne the moment I arrived. I nursed that glass of champagne in my hand the entire night. I even pretended to drink some of it a few times. There was oodles of food and I had to go around and help to hand it out. The smells, the food calling me, the wine flowing and you know what I kept to it solid. I think the next morning was my proudest moment. I felt brilliant for having the willpower. That morning I tried on a dress that hadnt fitted me in ages and it looked great.

So we can def do this. You will get through the family BBQ. And you will feel brill the next day for having done so.

Best of luck today.

Hi YM thanks for that, I will get through the bbq and if I feel as motivated as I do today it will be no problem. Just had the strawberry shake as I was feeling empty hungry it was lovely what a relief was expecting a horrid salty taste. Plus now feel full so thats good. We have a party on the weekend but I'm going to skip it as its in someones house so no dancefloor to keep me busy just food and drink and people I don't know well. Its my husbands friend so don't feel too bad and he is going alone. He is being great about this.
S: 16st13lb C: 15st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34.6 Loss: 1st2lb(6.75%)
Good for you. I know a lot of people dont like the shakes but I find them alright. I love the choc one just before I go to bed and I find the soup really filling around 6 or 7pm. It does tickle me though that it is chicken soup suitable for vegetarians!!!!
I know lol. Do any vegetarians use it?

Can I ask when you have your 3 shakes?
I was thinking mid morning, mid afternoon and evening.

Feeling mildly hungry already but its about will power and passing time at this stage isnt it?

Planning a big pamper bath tonight and I have 2 weeks of Eastenders recorded to keep me busy.;)
S: 15st11.5lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st11.5lb BMI: 25.4 Loss: 3st7.5lb(22.35%)
Hey guys thanks for all the replies.. Having my first shake Now it's not too bad at all, feeling good I have had a litre of water so far.. Only prob so far I'd the smell of bacon from the cafe outside omg smells divine!! Have you guys that have been doing this a while been exercising?! I want to stay looking fairly toned during the next few weeks?
S: 16st13lb C: 15st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34.6 Loss: 1st2lb(6.75%)

I work til about 2 or 3 each day so I have my first shake when I get home from work. I just drink loads and loads of water all morning. For me the prob time was always eating in the evenings so I try to save my 3 shakes for evening time. I actually always ate very little during the daytime. I have shake 1 at about 2ish. This is usually when I am dishin up dinner to kids. I have my soup at 7 watching Emerdale- me time!!! Then after I have cooked tea for hubby and kids I remove myself from kitchen and temptation and have a girly bath. I try to go to bed at around 10 and bring my choc shake to bed with me. Thats how my day goes.

Ya the smell of food is a killer. At work I try to avoid the kitchen as the smell of toast is just torture!!!!
Hi chiefbridesmaid,
I do a lot of walking to and from school and kids toddler groups it makes me physically tired so thats enough exercise for me. Maybe a few sit ups at a later date :)
And yuk to the bacon, not nice! Lipotrim shakes very nice and lovely water too!

Well done for holding off your first shake til now!
S: 15st11.5lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st11.5lb BMI: 25.4 Loss: 3st7.5lb(22.35%)
Bacon not nice?? Ok ok I got it lol I know I'm in work on a 12hr shift so I'm trying to space them out as much as possible.. It's Gona b a long day I miss my sugary tea!! How u getting along? Was thinking mite try using the vibroplate and abit of walking?
S: 14st1lb C: 14st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi ladies, your all doing really well. I'am coming to the end of week 3. For me it was day 5 and 6 that were the worst. I just mean no energy, tired and tearful. Ive only had 2 headaches in the whole time but quickly banished them with a paracetamol. I didnt do any exercise the first week, but exercised quite the 2nd, but to my disappointment as i only lost 2lb (but its still a loss) water retention as i'am exercising. So only very gentle walking this week for me. I found the best way to mix the shakes is with a hand blender and plenty of ice. I usully have a shake at 10am then 2.30pmish and then 8pmish. Ive told everyone as that will stop me from quitting, couldnt cope with everyone being disappointed in me. We even have a sweepsteak everyweek at work as to how much i lose lol. I bought a small box of celebrations and hand a chocolate to the winner, it helps me immensley and feel really pround that i have great support on this forum and family and friend. A few sabotargers i must say "its only a vodka and diet coke" so ive banished them for 4 weeks, lol well until September when its my birthday :)
Cowslove milk: I think its great that you have so much support at work and home. I dont know how you hand out chocolates..that is willpower!
This day seems to be dragging for me and I feel hungry again. I want to hold off the second shake til tea time it feels unnatural not eating for half a day but I know I just have to get through this hungry stage.
S: 14st1lb C: 14st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I know exactly how you feel, whenever i get a hunger pain i take a big gulp of water. I carry my 2 litre bottle everywhere, so i know i'am getting through it. My days drag at work so much and it is hard at first. I dont know how you can only have your second shake at tea time!! My stomach really tells me it shaky shaky time (i call it) ha ha. Have you got a lot to lose??

I did find it hard telling people what i was doing and there were negative comments, but all i said is if the pharmacists sells it it must be ok. ITs funny as people will not want to eat near you or cook food that really smells good (selfish but suits me he he) This might sound weird but i find that smelling things really helps. For instance by boyfriend last friday had a bacon, chicken and cheese baguette (omg it smelt good) and then cheese and onion crisps later (he is super thin though) and i kept picking the plate up and really smelling the bacon mmmmm, and even with the crisps stuck my nose in that bag and had a real big intake mmmm felt so much better after that drinking my water lol
Have you smelled chocolate when on a diet? I had better not as I have a habit of inhaling the stuff.

I want to lose 30-38 pounds which will take me into my healthy weight, I'm a size 16 just now and thats a tight 16, I would love to be a 12 and hey who knows maybe i'll buy a size 10 bikini one day!

Anyway the chicken soup didnt last past 3pm. It was nice like an odd cuppa soup but filled me up again. thanks for the advice re a big glug of water when hungry hungry, ill try that.
S: 16st13lb C: 15st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34.6 Loss: 1st2lb(6.75%)
Hiya Size 10

You are doing great. Keep going with the water. I find that really helps when the hunger pangs kick in. I have had one shake so far and am hoping to hold out til 7 for the soup.

I have more than you to loose. I am currently 15 stone and ideally want to get to 11 and a half. I am 5 7 in height and I know when I was 11 and a half I was a very comfortable size 12. So if I can achieve that I will be delighted.

Anyway its one weigh in at a time and hopefully keep this up as long as I can

S: 13st7lb C: 11st8lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 1st13lb(14.29%)
hi and welcome

good luck with our frst week hope it flies by for you x

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